Wednesday, January 10, 2024


If you want to see the Dolphins vs Chiefs, and Taylor Swift on Saturday night, you are going to have to stream it. Some streaming service called Peacock paid the NFL $110,000,000 for the rights to stream it.
Greedy bastards.
Capitalism. Its what’s killing America. Its supposed to be the right of every red blooded American to watch all the playoff games for free. And get shit faced.
But that’s not what this post is about.
This post is about my prediction that the Dolphins will whip the Chiefs. All because two words…
Taylor Swift.

It reminds me of back in 2008 when Romo was quarterback for the Cowboys and on the way to the playoffs he got tangled up with Jessica Simpson. He was totally distracted, and understandably so.
They were leading the division going into December but lost 3 out of 4. All they had to do was beat the Eagles in week 17 to clinch a wild card spot, but they got creamed 44-6.
You know, something like this happened to that famous old ship, the Bounty. The Bounty. Waylaid in the Cook islands by a bunch of virgins and all the breadfruit they could eat.

My prediction:
Dolphins 31
Chiefs 17

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