Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Tagged by the very sparkly Gewels.....

4 jobs I've had;

1) Ran a Newspaper and Detective Service in the Fifth Grade.
2) Rockhound/Gemologist in the 7th Grade...during 1 Summer my friend and I brought about a Ton of rocks home (1 mile) from the Creek, thinking they were Rare and Precious gemstones. When my dad took us to sell them at a Rock Shop, the man actually bought some of them for a Dollar, I think out of pity for us.
My friend, Billy, sold his Harley Davidson Franchise last year. He is a Millionaire now, and runs one of those Pimp your Motorcycle shops. in High School, he was the kid with the crappy car, a 63 Dodge Dart with the Mag wheels and a hood scoop it.
3) Delivered Circulars/Handbills to a Dumpster when I was 17.
4) Chef for 24 years.This led to an extraordinary position doing Food Demonstrations at the Local Grocery store, wearing a Bowtie and Blackslacks, trying to sell Fritos, Air Fresheners, and Soy Milk ect.. Except for the Soymilk and all the ladies that lined up to talk to me, it was a real low point.
Almost like being the model for the Logo for a Pizza Box or something.
I quit when they tried to make me wear a Chefs hat.
I was their "Best Guy" and the lady cried like a baby when I quit.

4 Movies I can Watch over and over
I should preface this by saying there are a lot of movies I put on at night to help me sleep; I have seen them over so many times they act as a tranquilizer on me. It says more about me than the movie. These are not among those.

1) Paint Your Wagon ( I LOVE Ben Rumpston!He says 'if you want to turn thuis mining camp into a thriving BoomTown Metropolis, all you gotta do is put up one...tiny... little.... Cathouse!)
2) Dances with Wolves ("Do you know I will always be your Friend?")
3) Godfather 1&2 ( " Oh, Michael it was an abortion...I did it to try to stop this "Sicilian Thing" thats been going on for 1000 years")
4) Moby Dick (My Movie of the year, I can't get enough of Gregory Peck as Ahab)

4 Places I've lived

1) Detroit Michigan
2) In my 55 Pontiac Star Chief when Kid Rock and I ran away from home for 2 weeks during Spring break, Senior Year of High School. Par-tay!
3) A burned out Trailer, being tended to by a blind man named Arnold, when I had given up entirely.
4) Cowtown (Fort Worth Texas) and its Associated suburbs almost all my life.

4 Categories of Television I watch

1) PBS News & Documentary
2) PBS science
3) PBS History
4) Desperate Housewives (Actually, I will look at one of the Evening Soaps once for a while, long enough to follow it enough that I either puke or break the goddaamnidiotbox, then I'll switch over to something else. I had to let "Greys Lobotomy" go a while back, deferring to "Boston Legal", and I have since switched back over to "Desperate Housewives". I have a theory about LoST- they took a lot of shows that could not make it on their own, and stranded them on an Island.)

Thats enough for today!


Akelamalu said...

You ran a detective service? I have someone I need following, how you fixed? ;)

GEWELS said...

I just knew you were the right person to tag. You will finsih this soon, right? Can't wait for the rest of the answers.

And that is the line at which I COMPLETELY lose it in Dances with Wolves.

Mother Hen said...

I bet Kevin Kosner danced with chickens too!

steve said...

Malu- Done Dirt Cheap! Will sleuth for food!
"You and me, we come a long ways"
Kicking Bird
"I want to get funky,yeah
You know,I want to get down"
Albert king

Head Duck Wrangler said...

If you go to Disneyland, you should ride all the rides.
When you go to planet earth, do the same thing.
People with no stories to tell have........ no stories to tell!
Quack, Quack!

Mother of Invention said...

Hey, my mom drove a Dodge Dart Swinger but I forget the year..she sold it to me for $1 in about 1977. The I bought her Pacer (Space bubble looking things!)in 1985. I loved it 'cuase it had hardly any blind spots!

I love the story of living in the burnt out trailer and your old friend.
You've had a pretty interesting and challenging life. Mine isn't near as colourful!

Akelamalu said...

What no expenses? You live a long way from here! :)

Annelisa said...

You really do have a wonderful way with words, Steve. I chuckled as I imagined you as a super-sleuth at school, and digging up useless bits of rock to sell, laughed out loud at the delivery of the leaflets to the dumpster (I think kids today still do that!) and imagining you on a pizza box!

Must admit, I often feel like Clint "I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me" - I get more response out of the skies :-) Loved Dances with Wolves (but then I'm a KK fan), and really must get out Moby Dick (but maybe I should read it first) - it seems to me you've referred to this story a few times, so I'm reckoning it must have something to it!! :-)

Catch you later!


Mother of Invention said...

Mother Hen: Yeah, wasn't that the Bird Dance or Turkey in the Straw or somethi'?!

Keep on cluckin'!!

Kim said...

1. I also sleep with the TV on tuned to specific types of programs--the better the movie, the better it works.
2. I had a full size poster of Kevin Kostner on my refrigerator for almost the entire 80s decade.
3. I've only had three jobs in my life--babysitter throughout school years, waitress with a thing for chefs (and KK) and nurse.
4. "you show me in them commandments where it says a woman caint have two husbands!"

bulletholes said...

"Theres a woman in Mooneys with a baby pressed to her breast....wanna bet?"