Tuesday, January 23, 2007



I remember the Night I was passed out at a party, and starting to spin from all the beer I had been drinking when the song "The Fool on the Hill" came on. I was thinkin I might make it OK until the part that features a recorder flute thing and Paul or John singing :
"Whoa-Whoa- woa- wo-wo-wo.... Round and Round and Round and..."...
I lost it...
I also remember the song “The Way of the World” on the same album as “Shining Star”. Earth Wind and Fire, right?
There were 2 sisters in High School (just sisters, not soul sisters) that had a little dance they and their friends would do to those two songs, kind of a cross between the Bump, the Hustle, and the Electric Slide. It wasn't the same party without Robin and Tammy and their gang there.
I passed by their mothers house last week, and there was a bunch of stuff in the front yard. I had not seen them in 15 years and doubted that she might still live there, when one of the sisters, Tammy came out of the garage.
She intercepts me halfway up the drive.
She says “Sir, we aren’t having a garage sale, we are just clearing out the Garage”.
She doesn’t recognize me yet, so I turn away, pick something up and ask how much they want for it. She repeats that its not a Garage sale. I pick something else up and look at it and say “Ya’ll really don’t have much good stuff here”.
About that time her mother comes out of the Garage and says
"Listen , Sir, this is not a Garage sale”. She is a little irritated.
So I set the item down and look a little more and picked up a really gorgeous vase and said
“I'll give you a dollar for this”.
They looked at me and at each other and another sister,Robin, steps out of the Garage…
"Can you believe this guy" she says to her mother, and the three of them are now standing in a row, hands on hips, wondering who is the idiot with bad hearing.
I have managed to keep my face fairly well turned away from them and I have a ball cap on but now I face them head-on, looking them each in the eye and announce
"This is some real crap you guys are trying to sell".
I can see the wheels spinning on the mothers face and she’s looking real hard at me. Robin and Tammy have not a clue and are looking at each other. I am trying to keep a straight face. Finally moms face lights up and she Yells
“That’s that gol-darn ol' Bulletholes”
and we all just fell out laughing! It was great!


Annelisa said...

Brilliant! You're such a wind-up merchant!!! But, bet it was funny when the realisation dawned, and so nice to see 'old' faces....

~A said...

THAT was hilarious!

Good one.

Anonymous said...

For a man on a bike, you sure do get around quite a lot.........I don't think I've ever had an old friend just swing by for a visit....but then again I live about 800 miles from my hometown...LOL

Barbara said...

I can just see this playing out. I think it is great that your life still intersects with these people from your pretty distant past. So did they give you the vase?

Mother of Invention said...

You're such a card! It would be hard to one up you but I bet a lot of people try! What a challenge, especially if one actually gotcha!

GrizzBabe said...

I needed a good hearty laugh today. Thanks!

Mother Hen said...

It's a good thing you didn't chicken out! Brawk!

steve said...

i just kind of fell into that one...its stuff like that that keeps me going. it was fun for them too! Barb, they did not give me the vase...but they fed me lunch!

Dave said...

Good one Steve-o!

This reminds me of a connection flight I took from Rapid City to Salt Lake City. As everyone was settling into their seats, some unexplainable phenomenon allowed me to hear a conversation between one of the stewardesses (she was too beautiful to be a flight attendent) and a passenger who was wearing a very sharp "Colt Firearms" jacket. He was about ten rows in front of me. She asked him if he worked for Colt and pointed out that one of Colt's biggest competitors was based in her home town. He didn't.

Well, it happens that I had just read a book about America's great gunmakers. I particularly enjoyed the part about how John Browning's father had settled in Ogden, Utah. Ogden... Salt Lake... Stewardess... I made an intellectual leap. About half way through the flight, I summoned the good stewardess:

"Excuse me, are you by chance from Ogden?"

"I am from Ogden... Do I... Did we go to high school together? [pause] Or... Maybe..."

"No-no..." I said, "You just looked like you might be from Ogden, that's all."

I could see her brain racing backwards at a thousand miles per hour.

"Really," I said, "It was just a lucky guess!"

I let her off the hook as I egressed the plane. She was very relieved and actually laughed a little bit. We parted friends.


Annelisa said...

:-) Like your story too, Dave! Dread to think of what you to'd be like together!

Annie said...

OMG I'd forgotten about that Medusa post...still makes me mushy...such nice things you say!

So...I'm here, but I'm being careful not to link me to the old me (I have a problem ex, who's made my blog his 'home' page and obsessively watches everything I do, and probably checks out blogging friends too, just to see if I'm writing anything (why I've come to an unrelated post to write this! :-S)

So, I am here, and hopefully I can blog under this new name without repercussions (can't even go into what those are :-( ) But back here in your past posts is the only place I can admit to who I am (oh so secretive, huh?!)

I was surprised you guessed who I was straight away...some others are still thinking 'who the heck...?' lol I've put some [what I think are kinda familiar photos, to help them catch on :-D )

Good to see you again, Steve! I'll pop in from time to time XX
Big hugs to you, Steve! ((((xxx))))

bulletholes said...

Hey Annelisa! It was easy to see it was you. I just kinda knew. and the accent is a dead giveaway.
I'm sorry things are that way with your ex.....thats a drag. I'll stop by your blog here in a second....
I haven't blogged much this last year....I've been entertaining over on Facebook. its been fun, sharing some of my stories with the people actually in them, and over on Facebook if you can put two sentences together you are considered a literary genius.
I actually been thinking of you this last month, being breast cancer awareness month. I startred this picture album, called ..well...called 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month" ansd everyday I posted a picture with a link to some bC related topic. It was fun and I nearly posted your green haired picture and talked about what you did those few years back, donating your hair and all.
Now I wish I had posted that.
I'll find some way to post that picture anyway, becasue it such a great one....you look so happy joyous and free!
Now, off to see your blog...

Annelisa said...

Aw...that's so nice...again! I'm going to see if I can find you on facebook...I'm more there than here now as well!
I'm surprised you didn't just link to the headshave for cancer blog Baring it All (still cringe at the title, but it was so appropriate :-) )
Scrap that whole idea about moving blogs...it's a disaster. I broke the blog already! :-(
See you on fb :-)

Annelisa said...
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Annelisa said...

There's a lot of folks with your name...

Kim said...

Mr. BH, this is laugh out loud funny.

bulletholes said...

Kim, I should post this to facebook as a lot of my friends know the Fiddlers.