Saturday, December 31, 2011



Back in 1999 I was lucky enough to live in a very bad part of town.
As I would pull down the gravel alley at 5:30 in the morning on my way to work, there were two girls on the corner that always asked me if I wanted a "date". Being a bit of a rube, it took me a while to figure out what was going on there.
But before long, as they would wave and smile at me, I would holler out the window:
"Hellllloooo Ladies!", "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" or "Honey, I'm home!"

And these girls would all laugh and wave because, well, I am a funny guy, even to a whore.

Some times I would go to the corner and talk with them late at night, staying out of sight so as to not drive off any Johns. There were probably 3 or 4 girls that worked that area at any given time.
One night a guy I knew from High School pulled up.
Boy-howdy, was he surprised to see me!
But thats not what this story is about.

This story is about the very pretty little whore that would work the streets on occasion. She had beautiful, soft looking, well groomed hair that she would toss about in a very sexy way. She seemed different from the other girls…very different. She was pretty and clean and wasn't all schitzed out, mumbling to herself, or pacing back and forth incessantly.
I figured she was a "Part-Timer"; a bored housewife that came out on occasion for a little taste of life on the edge.

One morning in my driveway I was checking the oil in my truck. This pretty little whore was passing by and so I says to her:
“Good morning!” all bright and cheery, because really, I had been dying to say something to this pretty little whore.
She stopped and tossed her sexy hair back and shielded her eyes from the sun and says to me:
‘Whatcha’ doin'?”
I looked at her as I slid the rag slowly down my dipstick.
“Jus’ checkin’ my oil “ I says, and added with a grin “Would you like me to check YOUR oil?”
She didn’t miss a beat and fired right back:
“Would YOU like to check my oil?”

She was smiling pretty as she tossed that sexy hair around again.
I must have turned about 5 shades of red, because, yes, I would have liked to check her oil, but I really did not have the guts to go about it.
She knew it and decided to let me off the hook.
“You don’t “date” do you?” she says
It was less a question, and more of a statement spoken as a matter of fact.
“No ma’am, I don’t…I’m probably better off all by myself”.
“OK” she says, flips her hair back and starts away.
It may sound silly, but I had some notion that maybe I had hurt her feelings.
"You sure are pretty though.” I says
She stopped and turned around and just laughed and flashed a big pretty smile at me, and said
"And you are awful sweet, and are probably better off all by yourself” and she  tossed all that sexy hair as she turned away while waving good-bye. She had let me off the hook again. And I watched as she shook her pretty little ass down the street, thinking I had missed my chance.

A few nights later on New Years Eve, a happy married couple I know saw her and they pulled over to the right in their Convertible Rag-topped Corvette. It was nice out, and they had the top down. They wanted to know how much she would charge to take on the both of them!
Just a little curious, they were... just wanted to see what it might cost for a little taste of life on the edge.

Before you could say “Tit-Bit and Gimme a Dollar” they were surrounded by the Vice Squad.
They were arrested and spent New Years Eve in Jail.
Yep. You see…
That pretty young whore was a Cop.



Friday, December 30, 2011


Thats the number of posts I've done this year. It ties my most procuctive year so far, back in 2009.
So does this post really count as a post?
Hell yes, especially if I add on this little nugget I sent to a fellow addict whom I am sponsoring.

""If you know the point of balance, You can settle the details. If you can settle the details, You can stop running around. Your mind will become calm. If your mind becomes calm, You can think in front of a tiger. If you can think in front of a tiger, You will surely succeed." - Mencius

Part of my recovery is going to meetings. Part is talking to other addicts, working the steps, and my service work in Group Conscious. Part is having found a power greater than myself that seems to strengthen my resolve to stay clean and practice principles. But the biggest part may be in just finding things out here in the world that help me stay clean, and finding a way to relate everything in my life to the balance point that is my program.

 Its my first time being a sponsor after 3 years in the Narcotics Anonymous program.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I had always thought that the biggest hairiest baddest lookin’ dude on the stage had to be the bass player. Whenever I looked at album covers, I could always spot the bass player. Like Geezer Butler for Sabbath or Felix Papparlardi for Mountain, I thought I could pick them out based on their hair, their sheer size and the mean scowl on their face.

But then I went to Moody Auditorium on the SMU Campus September 15, 1974. That was the night Gary Thain, the bass player for Uriah Heep, got electrocuted.
It was in the middle of either July Morning or Sweet Lorraine. Of course, we were there to hear "Stealin'", but we had to settle for listening to it on 8-Track going home.
Uriah Heep hadn't been onstage very long, just a few songs.
We didn't see any sparks or nuthin, just all of a sudden the stage lights flickered and the music stopped. Then crowd murmurs and the house lights came on and the show was over.
The Heep were supposed to come back someday, but I don't think they ever did....not that decade, and sadly, not with Gary Thain.

But the opener, Suzie Quatro, she stole the show.
We had gone to see Uriah Heep, but ran head-on into Suzie Quatro.
Suzie played bass. She was the biggest meanest hairiest person in the building that night.
Between songs, she would raise her right hand and give us the bird, and holler out "Fuck you’se Dallas!”. I’ve never seen that kind of animosity between a crowd and an audience, except maybe the night Leslie West crushed the first two rows at Texas Hall.

Susie says:
"Eat me raw through a Flav-R-Straw"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"...a lady just walked by wiggling it...and we are not dead yet."

Charles Bukowski, letter for employment

(click on image for better resolution)


The post I titled last week "LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS" tripled the traffic that day. I guess it was the title that did it, or maybe the picture of the "friendly hooker". Then earlier this year I did a post title "Smurf Porn" that really brought them in. It brought them in so heavy I had to delete the post. So I have no idea what might happen with this title. I don't usually trust singers who talk their way through songs, but Wilcox is a great songwriter, and I'm sure he has had fun with this one. I started to post the lyrics to this a long time ago and never got around to it. Enjoy.

 And for all of you maybe interested in what Smurf Porn looks like, feast your eyes you bunch of freaks!

image by our buddy Martjin!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


At the Ex-Mrs. Bulletholes.
With my sister there. My sister is just so weird.
She has a Chihuahua dog, with the fancy ears. They call them "Papillions" or something. The dog is as weird as my sister. She treats the dog like an incontinent human invalid. She has those hospital bed pads for the dog to go poop on.  When the dog looked like it might poop, she wanted to put one of the pads on the floor in the kitchen instead of letting my daughter, you know, take the dog outside. But the Ex-Mrs Bulletholes said "no dice" to that. She explained the dog would not be pooping in her kitchen, right next to the buffet table, or anywhere else in the house for that matter.. It took a while for that to sink in with my sister, in fact it blew her mind a little, but there is nothing as unwavering as X Mrs Bulletholes when she has made up her mind.

Of course, weirdness is not out of my domain either. There was a young lady there, of Oriental descent. I guessed her age as being between 8 and 17. Those Orientals are timeless you know. Anyway, I was really leaning towards her being about 14 so I went ahead and just asked:
"How old are you, sweetie?"
It was one of those questions that you don't know its rude until you see the look on the other persons face, and realise that they are aware that they look like a child, but are in fact a full grown woman. I never would have imagined her to be in her late 20's and attending graduate school.. Next time I run into a situation like this, I will save myself the embarrassment and just ask if she is in High School yet.

Then everyone was reminded of the axe I gave my son for Christmas...back when he was 6 years old.
I did better this year I think. I stuck to shirts and jewelry and stuff.
I'm really glad its over.

Friday, December 23, 2011













The beginning of being fine is noticing how things really are.

1. Life is uncertain, surprises are likely.
2. If you are alive, that’s good; lower the bar.
3. In a dark place, you still have what really counts.
4. If you are in a predicament, there will be a gate.
5. What you need might be given to you.
6. The true life is in between winning and losing.
7. If you have nothing - give it away.

- John Tarrant

Thursday, December 22, 2011


FOUND AT 'NITA'S TEMPORARY BLOG...check out her craft stuff as well. She's a pro.

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes
when everybody's asleep.
I say, I know that you're there,
so don't be
then I put him back,
but he's singing a little
in there, I haven't quite let him
and we sleep together like
with our
secret pact

charles bukowski...
who else could it be?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I went to see Lyle Lovett at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth last night. Lovett was great; such a wonderful voice, great delivery of well composed music and lyric. His band was well rehearsed and quite polished. Almost too polished. There was nothing raw about the show, and I do like it a little raw.

Anyway, I want to write a little bit about the Bass Hall, Fort Worth's multi Million dollar centerpiece for the Performing Arts. I have to tell you, the seats we sat in may as well ave come out of an old Braniff jet. They were small and cramped and amounted to little torture machines.
And I won't win any freinds here in Cowtown by saying that the fancy-ass facade of the Bass Hall is overdone and gawdy. If those angels blowing the Lord's trump were carved from marble I'm sure it would take my breath away; but its not.
Its Fabcrete.
But hey! what do I know?
What do you think?


"There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody’s expense but his own. However, nothing dispirits, and nothing seems worth while disputing. He bolts down all events, all creeds, and beliefs, and persuasions, all hard things visible and invisible, never mind how knobby; as an ostrich of potent digestion gobbles down bullets and gun flints. And as for small difficulties and worryings, prospects of sudden disaster, peril of life and limb; all these, and death itself, seem to him only sly, good-natured hits, and jolly punches in the side bestowed by the unseen and unaccountable old joker. That odd sort of wayward mood I am speaking of, comes over a man only in some time of extreme tribulation; it comes in the very midst of his earnestness, so that what just before might have seemed to him a thing most momentous, now seems but a part of the general joke."
Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Christmas must surely be part of the general joke.
It is for me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I flunked my Testosterone test again!
I have been taking Testosterone for 6 months now, and I'm still low.
The doctor doubled my dosage.
And I found out how much Testosterone costs before insurance.
Two-Hundred and Fifty dollars!
Thats ridiculous. They make that stuff from frogs or something. You can't tell me it takes 250 worth of frogs to make that stuff for me.
I'm just one guy!
I wonder if I can make my own?


My friend SL at Assiorted is in town this week and she is taking me to see Lyle Lovett at the Bass Hall!
He's a little on the homely side, but a damn fine musician and man! What a voice! He was married to Julia Roberts for a while. He must have had something. Or at least had a little "sumpthin'-sumpthin'".
Here is one of my favorite songs by Lyle. Check out the fretless bass.

She said something about going home
She said something about needing to spend some time alone
And she wondered out loud what it was she had to find
But she's already made up her mind

All my friends told me she was too young
Well I knew that myself and I tried to run
But the faster I ran the more I fell behind
Because she'd already made up her mind

Now there is nothing so deep as the ocean
And there is nothing so high as the sky
And there is nothing so unwavering as a woman
When she's already made up her mind

So now she's sitting at one end of the kitchen table
And she is staring without an expression
And she is talking to me without moving her eyes
Because she's already made up her mind

And she said something about going home
And she said something about needing to spend some time alone
And she wondered out loud what it was she had to find
But she'd already made up her mind

So my friend carry me down to the water's edge
And then sail with me out to that ocean deep
And let me go easy down over the side
And remember me to her

She's already made up her mind
She's already made up her mind
She's already made up her mind

Monday, December 19, 2011


My sponsor asks:
“So, are you still seeing that married lady?”
“Yes, but we kinda broke up a few weeks ago.”
“What do you mean "kinda"?”
“Well I told her that we needed to take the sex out of the equation for a while, that we should go back to being just friends until she figures out what to do about her husband or I stop pouting and being a grouch.  I had started being grouchy because the relationship wasn't what I wanted it to be.”
“You know she will just find someone to replace you, right?”
“I really don’t know what she is going to do."
"Well, thats what she'll do. Thats what they all do." he tells me.
"We still talk about every day. And I'm not so grouchy lately.” I say.

This isn’t good enough for my sponsor.
So he tells me that right after the first time I talked to him about my married girlfriend, that he went and got involved with a married lady. And when he told her she needed to leave her husband or lose him forever, she went and just found herself a replacement for him.

“Of course she did” I tell him.
“What do you mean?” he asks.
“Well, why wouldn’t she find one?” I say.
“Because she’s supposed to love me.” He says.
“Yeah, but it was you that put her to the test. What’s she supposed to do? Pine away for you?”
“There’s something wrong with you!” he says.
"Its not me issuing ultimatums and asking women to leave their husbands"

It reminds me of the first time with my gal, as we slow danced after making love, half-dressed, in my living room.
She began to sob, just a little, and so I asked her what’s wrong.
‘You’ll never be able to trust me…” she says.
I understand what she means. If she will cheat on her husband, she will cheat on me, yes? That’s the idea, right?
So I pull her close and whisper;
‘That’s OK, baby. Do you think you can trust me? My record ain’t that great, you know.”
And we both laugh.

And this reminds me of Deb, a waitress I knew at Luminaris when I was 18.  She was older, one of the Junior Love Goddesses where I worked, and divorced. I’d never really flirted with a divorcee’ before. I remember telling her that I could never date a divorcee’. That I would always wonder if she wasn’t secretly still in love with her Ex.
I remember Deb laughed, and laughed and laughed, and soon I got over that idea, after she showed me what it was all about.
I was so young.

Anyway, this is written for men and women that think they own other men and women.
And for folks that think they have Karma all figured out.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Oh gosh yes, its been such a year, and its been real fun on this blog again.
I don't get around as much as I used to, visiting my blog friends. I'm kinda self centered these days maybe, but its good to have posted as much as I have the last 8 months. If I can keep it up through the end of the month I will have equaled my best blog year, 2009, where I did 230 posts.
Thats kind of amazing since the first 3 months this year I only did a dozen or so.
Back there in 2008/2009 when I first got clean I had that great run of 320 posts  in 340 days.

It feels real good to have 1,273 days clean and sober. I don't talk about it to you guys as much anymore, but I continue to go to 3 or 4 meetings a week. I work the first 3 steps all the time. I live the program and keep the 10th step in mind always.

A friend called me a few weeks back. She wanted to go to a meeting. It was a friend that I would not have expected to be calling me for something like that. It was hard for her to do I'm sure, and last night she picked up a 30 days clean and sober chip.
I'm still humbled byn the fact that someone can come in and sit down and listen and talk and find out the message of Narcotics Anonymous...
"Any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a new way to live"

Thursday, December 15, 2011


"I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic
and she said yes
I asked her if it was okay to be short
and she said it sure is
I asked her if I could wear nail polish
or not wear nail polish
and she said honey
she calls me that sometimes
she said you can do just exactly
what you want to
Thanks God I said
And is it even okay if I don't paragraph
my letters
Sweetcakes God said
who knows where she picked that up
what I'm telling you is
Yes Yes Yes"

God Says Yes To Me

by Kaylin Haught


"It's funny... the world is so different in the daylight. In the dark, your fantasies get so out of hand. But in the daylight everything falls back into place again."

Carnival of Souls

I used to try to stay up when I was a little boy to see this "B" film, but it always came on after midnite, on "Nightmare Theatre". The title, 'Carnial of Souls", really had its hooks in me.
But I always fell asleep. I was too little to stay up that late.
It comes on tonight, an hour past midnite on KERA Public Television Channel 13.
 I will try to stay up to see this movie, but I doubt I will be able to.

I'm too old to stay up that late.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"The truth is tiny compared to the things you will have to do."
Leonard Cohen, from "The Energy of Slaves"

My good friend SL, over at Assorted credited Bulletholes with this, but thats not entirely correct. I posted it it to my Facebook last year. Still, its one of my better efforts, and ought to be posted here just the same.
And thanks to my old lover Billie, who turned me on to  "The Energy of sSlaves" so many years ago.
She said it was written against, as Cohen said, "men and women who own men and women"...

"To the men and women
who own men and women
those of us meant to be lovers
we will not pardon you
for wasting our bodies and time"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catching Up with an Old Friend

Part 2

He says:
“Have you found a girlfriend yet, Bulletholes?”
“Yeah, kind of. A few months back. I’m in love. She’s sexy and pretty, and we dance and spend every minute we can together, and she thinks I’m so smart. But right now we are kind of broke up a little.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I told her we had to stop having sex for a while, that our arrangements really weren't quite working for me, and that we would just be friends for a while. Just lovers...without all the lovin'.”
“Really?” one eyebrow raised “Where is she tonight?”
“Oh, she’s home with her husband”
“Really?” Both eyebrows raised now “She’s married?”
“Well, buddy, there is some serious Karma that comes with something like that.”
“What do you mean? I’ve done the right thing here.”
We both laugh.

I don’t think Karma always works the way we might expect it to.
And ya like who ya like.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Part 1

“So how are you doing these days, Bulletholes?”
“Great! I’m completely in love with this great girl. She is cute and funny and just like perfect for me. There’s just one problem…”
“Uh-oh….she must be married”
“There are some negative spiritual consequences to this kind of relationship.”
“Yeah, I’m sure there are, but you know what? There are some negative spiritual consequences to being by myself for 15 years too.”

Ya know, you like who you like.


She had a do not disturb sign hanging off her back
She looked taller than she was in her tapered slacks
Calculated head of hair and cowboy boots
She said, I'm a country girl from down on 8th avenue

She bought a bottle of wine
Two bananas and a New York Times
The man behind the counter smiled this time
Cant blame him boys
I heard him sigh above the dirty white noise

I saw a poodle in a parking lot look just like you
He was sitting in a pink Cadillac with a view
Waiting for his mistress with a beret on his head
I wanted to laugh but it wasnt funny yet

It was a quarter to nine
He was running on Las Vegas time
Show's about to start so stand in line
Can't blame him boys
I heard him sigh above the dirty white noise

Three women in the front seat of a 60's Chevrolet
Fins and wings and rattle of tailpipe
Driving down a New York City street like it was day
But it was 2 AM and they were stuck at a red light

Somebody yelled from behind
Thought the three looked like a valentine
But the bumper sticker read Treat Her Right
Can't blame 'em boys
I heard 'em sigh above the dirty white noise

He was watching the TV like it was really gonna talk
Watching it close like it was really gonna walk
Some woman on the screen was getting killed again
It was a rerun of the rerun where they all die in the end

I don't know why
He was a big fan of the violent crime
Remote control was hidden in his eyes
Can't blame him boys
I heard him sigh above the dirty white noise

We were sitting in a cafe designed by Paul Klee
I asked myself, is this real or a toupee
Everybody was so young they still smoked cigarettes
I guess the collective unconscious hasn't woken up yet

It was a quarter to nine
We were running on Las Vegas time
Show's about to start so stand in line
Can't blame us boys
We all sigh above the dirty white noise
Patty Larkin - Do Not Disturb
I've written about Patti before. Good to see there are finally a few good vids of her stuff.

image lifted from Red Dirt girl...thanks Red

Thursday, December 08, 2011


"...reality is illusion.  But it never looks that way."
UF Mike

image by MC Escher, captured over at Crashingly Beautiful

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I must have been spoiled. I never really lacked for anything, but something has been gnawing at me for a few months now. It is this:
There are things in my life I use every day that I have never had to purchase. Not my whole life. Not a single one, ever. It just seemed like these items just "came" with life, no purchase required.

The first of these I noticed a while back. 
I have three cabinets full of Tupperware. I have bowls, square dishes, pie holders, and individual triangle-shaped pie holders. I have a Cake Holder, and a compartmentalized condiment piece. I have Tupperware for juices, lettuce, butter and jam; I have Tupperware for steaming and straining. I must have a million dollars worth of Tupperware, the nicest most complete set in the world, but here's the thing:
I have never bought a single stick of Tupperware.

When I was in the process of moving in with Buckshot, all my towels were in storage. As I was driving to his house with my suitcase of clothes and toiletries I thought. "Bulletholes, you don't have a towel. You can't just show up at this guys house without a towel. He may not have towels for you".
So I stopped and I bought a towel. It was the first one I ever bought.
And to think I have a Kings Ransom of towels in storage! Where do all these towels come from, and who buys them? Funny thing is, as I was unpacking, Buckshot came and showed me my bathroom, and opened a cabinet and said "Here are your towels". My towels?
See, life just comes with towels!
And what towels they were! Big thirsty looking towels, the kind Doris Day might use.
I didn't bother to show him my pitiful little towel.

Then as I lay my head down last night on Buckshots set of down pillows, and I was just about to fall asleep, I woke with a start. Pillows! Here I am falling asleep on a set of $100 pillows, with at least a half dozen pillows in my storage unit, yet I have never bought a pillow!
Life just comes with pillows!

Life also seems to just come with hairbrushes, toothpicks, scissors; it comes with forks, spoons and knives; and depending on what I get for Christmas this year, it comes with underwear as well.


"And when we meet again
introduced as friends
Please don't let on
that you knew me when
I was hungry,
and it was your world"

thanks Red Dirt Girl for the image

Monday, December 05, 2011


I guess the best thing about not really having anything original to write is that it forces me to go looking for something original to read. Here is a marvelous little story I found today at a site I had not been to...
Its about grandpa and peanuts butter cups and family...its a nice read.


"At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time."
— Frederick Nietzsche

Friday, December 02, 2011


"This is how we go on: one day a time, one meal at a time, one pain at a time, one breath at a time. Dentists go on one root canal at a time; boat builders go on one hull at a time. If you write books, you go on one page at a time. We turn from all we know and all we fear. We study catalogues, watch football games, choose Sprint over AT&T. We count the birds in the sky and will not turn from the window when we hear the footsteps behind as something comes up the hall; we say yes, I agree that clouds often look like other things - fish and unicorns and men on horseback - but they are really only clouds. Even when the lightning flashes inside them we say they are only clouds and turn our attention to the next meal, the next pain, the next breath, the next page. This is how we go on."

I've kept this quote in the back of my mind for a long time, not remembering where it came from.
Found it today.
Thanks Assorted and Red Dirt Girl.


""Talk to me about the truth of religion and I'll listen gladly. Talk to me about the duty of religion and I'll listen submissively. But don't come talking to me about the consolations of religion or I shall suspect that you don't understand."
C.S. Lewis

If you are wondering, its a quote from a book he wrote after his wife died in 1960 called "A Grief Observed". It was so  personal and close to heart that he published it under a pseudonym. Friends  recommended the book to him to help with his grief, unaware that he'd written it.
His authorship wasn't made known until after his death in 1963.

Very interesting, yes?

As I sat in one of my NA meetings last night, it occurred to me that maybe gods will is
less about alllowing us consolation and getting a new car, and more about us finding an acceptance of the consequences of our actions and being happy to walk to work.

Thursday, December 01, 2011


My big task today has been to drive to the Chrysler dealer and get a lug nut for the company van. They had one laying around for free.
It didn't fit.
So tomorrow, my boss explained to me, tomorrow I will go to Pep Boys Auto Supply and buy a new lug nut, even though we don't really need one.
This is a grim reminder of what a chickenshit little job I have here.
I get home and I'm just almost brain dead.


Buddy Whittington, Alvin Lee and Lesley West were standing around backstage at the Hard Rock Café in Rome.

Buddy says “Hey Alvin, how 'bout you show me how to play “I’m goin’ Home”; I’ve always dug that tune”
Alvin says “Right mate, wheres your guitar?”
Buddy opens up his case and says “Ooops, looks like I brought my dirty laundry instead. How ‘bout we use yours?
Alvin says “Wish I could chappie, but me own is in the shop getting me bridges smoothed .”
So they both turn to Lesley West, the big man from Mountain, who says “Don’t look at me. I traded mine for a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake”
And that’s how Buddy Whittington missed out on getting a guitar instruction from Alvin Lee.

Buddy and I graduated together from High School. He is a world class blues guitarist. He tours Europe frequently, playing with remnants of what was known as "The Peter Green Splinter Group" This story is about half mine and half his.

Martijn, he is in the Nederlands tomorrow and the next night before he comes back home.
When: Fri Dec 02 11 08:00 PM Where: Iduna, Drachten, ROC Friese Poort, Drachten, FR, NL
Details: Buddy Whittington, Pete Stroud, Roger Cotten, Darby Todd


When: Sat Dec 03 11 08:00 PM Where: Bluesnight Festival, Hoogeveen, NL