Monday, December 19, 2011


My sponsor asks:
“So, are you still seeing that married lady?”
“Yes, but we kinda broke up a few weeks ago.”
“What do you mean "kinda"?”
“Well I told her that we needed to take the sex out of the equation for a while, that we should go back to being just friends until she figures out what to do about her husband or I stop pouting and being a grouch.  I had started being grouchy because the relationship wasn't what I wanted it to be.”
“You know she will just find someone to replace you, right?”
“I really don’t know what she is going to do."
"Well, thats what she'll do. Thats what they all do." he tells me.
"We still talk about every day. And I'm not so grouchy lately.” I say.

This isn’t good enough for my sponsor.
So he tells me that right after the first time I talked to him about my married girlfriend, that he went and got involved with a married lady. And when he told her she needed to leave her husband or lose him forever, she went and just found herself a replacement for him.

“Of course she did” I tell him.
“What do you mean?” he asks.
“Well, why wouldn’t she find one?” I say.
“Because she’s supposed to love me.” He says.
“Yeah, but it was you that put her to the test. What’s she supposed to do? Pine away for you?”
“There’s something wrong with you!” he says.
"Its not me issuing ultimatums and asking women to leave their husbands"

It reminds me of the first time with my gal, as we slow danced after making love, half-dressed, in my living room.
She began to sob, just a little, and so I asked her what’s wrong.
‘You’ll never be able to trust me…” she says.
I understand what she means. If she will cheat on her husband, she will cheat on me, yes? That’s the idea, right?
So I pull her close and whisper;
‘That’s OK, baby. Do you think you can trust me? My record ain’t that great, you know.”
And we both laugh.

And this reminds me of Deb, a waitress I knew at Luminaris when I was 18.  She was older, one of the Junior Love Goddesses where I worked, and divorced. I’d never really flirted with a divorcee’ before. I remember telling her that I could never date a divorcee’. That I would always wonder if she wasn’t secretly still in love with her Ex.
I remember Deb laughed, and laughed and laughed, and soon I got over that idea, after she showed me what it was all about.
I was so young.

Anyway, this is written for men and women that think they own other men and women.
And for folks that think they have Karma all figured out.


red dirt girl said...

"I believe in the compelling power of love. I do not understand it. I believe it to be the most fragrant blossom of all this thorny existence."
~Theodore Dreiser

Cowboy, beneath that comic exterior and genius way with words, is a man who has earned his wisdom the hard way - through experience. That lady is lucky to have found you.


bulletholes said...

I earned it the FUN way...through experience!