Wednesday, June 18, 2008


...Runs from minus10 to plus 10
I'm just trying to be a zero…
A zero.
The only thought I've had lately that seemed worth a Gol-durn was from the post a few weeks ago, prompted by Barbara.

A list of unremarkable quirks, inconsequential habits and otherwise innocuous and strange ways I may have.

This is what I thought I learned:
"It just may be that the most we could say about anybody is "That was the most unremarkable person I've ever known.'"

Opinions vary, but I don't feel I've never really lived that way. Somehow I always manage to call some attention to myself.
Lately, I find that its a little more comfortable to just be invisible.
Some may say that it is much wiser as well.

I have been looking for a car to buy the last month. The Rip now has my car, that is to say the car I have been driving since Christmas.
Its his car now.

Of course I have looked at all the high MPG cars...the Mazda's, the Civics and Toyotas, even your Mitsubishi. Even ol' Volkswagon bugs are runnin' over 20,000 clam-a-roos new.
Even high mileage used and abused Eco-cars are commanding a premium on todays market.

And all these cars look the same.
Thats why they have to put ornamented names and models on these things..except for the Scion.

But I tell you what I am going to do. I have found a car that suits me fine and its only $2000.
And I feel like it will get me back to my old unabashed unapologetic ways.
Its a 1958 plymouth Desoto Fireflite and its soon to be all mine.
Its the wrong thing to do, but for 65 times the price I could buy a real piece of shit.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have some kind of running battle going on with everybody I know.
Kill 'em with kindness.
Thats what I always say.
Just Kill em with kindness.
That ought to do it.
Thats my message to the World on World Peace Day.
Tear their hearts out.
Make their eyes water.
Kill 'em with kindness.
After all, World Peace Day begins at home.

Anyone got a problem with that?