Thursday, February 28, 2008


...Stumble just to stay put.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My World.. a Million miles wide, but only one inch deep.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I asked Water Baby to post lyrics to a song on her site. They come fromm the movie 'Juno' that she also has posted there and you can listen to them.
They remind me of one of my favorite little known Artsists, Peter Himmelman. He is very Jewish, from Minneapolis/St. Paul and writes a terrific song both Musically and in verse.

The Lyrics below are from the first of a trio of Albums he did in the early 90's. Through the three Albums you can hear the sound and message evolve and refine...they culminate in a very good album called "Skin"from 1994.
'Skin" is a concept album the way "Dark Side of the Moon" or "Tommy" are. It tells a story from start to finish.

I first heard it in its entirety on the Radio and recorded it. A few years later, I picked up the CD and found Himmelman's explanation of the concept in the liner notes.
They were unnecessary as I understood the concept from the first time I heard it.
That is how his music and lyrics are. Very simple, very nice. Clean.
For several years I could scarce but keep from cryin' at some point while playing it through.

This is from the first of the three albums and Water Babys song reminded me of this one.

This song has always reminded me of my good friends Kem and Alana. They seem to be on a mission, committed and resolved to take care of each other.

Mission Of My Soul
From the album "From Strength to Strength" (1991)

When you need me, I'll stand beside you
I'm there for you wherever you go
When you're hungry, I'll satisfy you
That's the mission of my soul

When you need confession, I'm there to listen
When you're crossing the ocean, I've got a boat to row
When you need attention, your audience won't be missing
That's the mission of my soul

When you're sleepy, I'll make your bed now
When you're unsure, I'm a gonna let you know
I’ll say, “Baby, don't trouble your head now.”
That's the mission of my soul

When you're making plans, and you need a partner
Baby I'm your man, just tell me when do we go
You be my flower, I'll be your gardener
That's the mission of my soul

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I’ve known her for years. She is my friend, but last week something happened.
She looked at me with those Ice Blue eyes and said so sweetly:
“I would have Sex with you if it weren’t that time of month”

If she meant it, it would be the best offer I’ve had since I can't remember when.
If she did not mean it, it would be the closest thing to an offer that I have had in about the same.
Either way it was the nicest thing anybody has said to me in a long time.

I looked up and flashed her my best smile, wrapped my arm around her waist, drew her slowly to me till we were knee to knee and hip to hip.
I touched her forehead gently with my own. We were eyeball to eyeball.
I said softly and as enticingly as I could
“I must look especially cute tonight” and licked my lips.
‘I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about the way you are looking at me that is kinda getting’ to me” she says as she parts her lips.
I am beaming now and full of confidence and masculinity
“Well, Babe, in that case I’ll just have to give you my stock answer”
‘And whats that?” she whispers.
‘Get a towel”

Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 11, 2008



The Chef gets an order in for one Hamburger.
He puts the patty on the grill, seasons it lightly and puts the Bun under the Broiler to toast. He crosses his arms and watches the patty cook, waiting to turn it over.
Smoke begins to pour from under the Broiler.
“Oh crap” he mutters to himself and removes the bun, in flames, from the Broiler.
He replaces the burned bun with a new one in the Broiler and turns his attention back to the Patty, which is now ready to turn.
He gently turns the patty, and again lightly seasons to perfection.
He crosses his arms and contemplates the beauty of a perfectly cooked hamburger patty.
‘Oh crap” he mutters as smoke pours again from the Broiler….
He replaces the Bun; this will not happen again.
He crosses his arms and watches the bun slowly turn to golden brown.
He smiles to himself satisfied, having learned his lesson, when suddenly flames erupt from the grill.
‘Oh crap!”
The Patty is on fire!


I am (almost) out of good, clean, and wholesome stories to tell...

that, coupled with the fact that I am so busy I can't shoot straight....

"Busy as snot" as I have been known to say.