Thursday, February 14, 2008


I’ve known her for years. She is my friend, but last week something happened.
She looked at me with those Ice Blue eyes and said so sweetly:
“I would have Sex with you if it weren’t that time of month”

If she meant it, it would be the best offer I’ve had since I can't remember when.
If she did not mean it, it would be the closest thing to an offer that I have had in about the same.
Either way it was the nicest thing anybody has said to me in a long time.

I looked up and flashed her my best smile, wrapped my arm around her waist, drew her slowly to me till we were knee to knee and hip to hip.
I touched her forehead gently with my own. We were eyeball to eyeball.
I said softly and as enticingly as I could
“I must look especially cute tonight” and licked my lips.
‘I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about the way you are looking at me that is kinda getting’ to me” she says as she parts her lips.
I am beaming now and full of confidence and masculinity
“Well, Babe, in that case I’ll just have to give you my stock answer”
‘And whats that?” she whispers.
‘Get a towel”

Happy Valentines Day!


Mike said...

True story???

GrizzBabe said...


Would like to know what happened after the towel comment, but then I'm nosey like that.

Barbara said...

I couldn't wait for the punch line. True to form, Steve! Sometimes you just can't postpone that magical moment.

Old Lady said...

Damn I miss being single!

steve said...

Mike-slightly condensed- and who knows what the lady in questions version might be.

Ladies- thanks for stopping by...I wondered whether I could get away with posting something like was just too rich not to.

GEWELS said...

You are too much.

Mother of Invention said...

So any sequel?!!! Yahoo! Steve's brewin' somethin'!