Friday, May 16, 2008


Hold it...thats a Kink, not a quirk

A tag... I n-n-n-eeded one.
Six unremarkable quirks..."unremarkable"...Isn't that what an M.D. says about an X-Ray?
Rules? Oh yeah, the Dogs Flea's ate the rules. That is to say, our fleas.

Ice Cream is good with a fork. So is a bad road. A fork will allow you to spoon into the coldest, most solidly frozen block of Blue Bell in the country direct into your trap.. Watch out though…if you go too fast you will get a brain freeze…or a speeding ticket…haha,m a Speed Trap!

Dryer sheets if I remember. None if I don’t. Detergent, almost always. Once I start Laundry I always see it through to the end. Hung up?Rather, dear.

Pay with cash. Don’t keep any money around. If anyone asks about money, do what I do and play it dumb. A good place for keeping money is in an old coffee can or taped behind a picture. Ugly pictures are least prone to thievery.

I like my sweetener sweet. The creamy cream is the best too. I used to drink my coffee black because I didn’t have time to doctor it up. Life was passing me by. Now I like it with about 15 packs of sugar and a couple of few of those Fancy creamers. I like my Hazels Nuts.

I sometimes talk to things. Not really talk I guess but I at least say hello. Like when I open the Refrigerator, and the carton of milk is just waiting there I will say “Hello Milk, you look good today”, or maybe I’ll say “Whazzup, Cookies?”. Of course they never talk back and I wouldn’t quite expect them to. If I don’t have something nice to say, I don’t say anything t’all.

Barbara tagged me with this and she and I share a quirk. We both put the empty eggshells back into the carton as we crack them. I wonder if she shares another Kitchen quirk with me, that is, does she also leave cabinet doors open? Not just one door for a moment but almost every door open all the time? If I go into the Kitchen I start opening doors and I do not close them. I have awakened in the morning and walked into the kitchen to find every cabinet door standing wide open from the day before.

So, anyone reading this has been infected...i mean tagged... to list six unremarkables regearding tnhemselves.
It just may be that the most we could say about anybody is "That was the most unremarkable person I've ever known."


Barbara said...

You are so FUNNY! I never thought of talking to food and I definitely don't leave the cabinet doors open. But if you come cook with me, you can converse with the food and I won't make you shut the cabinet doors, promise! And we can both collect enough eggshells to make a compost pile!

GEWELS said...

I do leave cabinet doors open. Just look at my husband's scalp- he'll testify to the top ones anyway.
I was tagged too, but I'm really NOT that quirky...really, I'm not.

steve said...

Barb- I love to say "Hello potato's" just before I mash em.

gewels- Yeah, I've a a few too many hits to the head...cabinet doors hurt like hell too.