Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"...a lady just walked by wiggling it...and we are not dead yet."

Charles Bukowski, letter for employment

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soubriquet said...

She just doesn't get Bukowski, says it must be a guy thing.
(shakes head)

Y'know, there's all this crap on the internet about 'the dude', the Big Lebovski, the imagined epitome of cool. And that numbwit Hunter S Thompson...

The real thing.
Not coke.

bulletholes said...

The whole letter is a masterpiece. Says Ginsburg gets 1000 clams for a reading, but he will do his for 200 and show up fairly sober.
"I'm a whore" he says.
You wouldn't get that from Ginsburg, no?

Martijn said...

Absolutely inspirational! If ever I read a man this pure and to the bone...

Too tired to write anything half-decent as comment tonight after a fine & thrilling nights out again. (Steve, I'm getting better! A social demon has possessed me lately.) Hey hey!