Thursday, December 01, 2011


Buddy Whittington, Alvin Lee and Lesley West were standing around backstage at the Hard Rock Café in Rome.

Buddy says “Hey Alvin, how 'bout you show me how to play “I’m goin’ Home”; I’ve always dug that tune”
Alvin says “Right mate, wheres your guitar?”
Buddy opens up his case and says “Ooops, looks like I brought my dirty laundry instead. How ‘bout we use yours?
Alvin says “Wish I could chappie, but me own is in the shop getting me bridges smoothed .”
So they both turn to Lesley West, the big man from Mountain, who says “Don’t look at me. I traded mine for a cheeseburger and a chocolate shake”
And that’s how Buddy Whittington missed out on getting a guitar instruction from Alvin Lee.

Buddy and I graduated together from High School. He is a world class blues guitarist. He tours Europe frequently, playing with remnants of what was known as "The Peter Green Splinter Group" This story is about half mine and half his.

Martijn, he is in the Nederlands tomorrow and the next night before he comes back home.
When: Fri Dec 02 11 08:00 PM Where: Iduna, Drachten, ROC Friese Poort, Drachten, FR, NL
Details: Buddy Whittington, Pete Stroud, Roger Cotten, Darby Todd


When: Sat Dec 03 11 08:00 PM Where: Bluesnight Festival, Hoogeveen, NL


Martijn said...

Thanks for this super rock legend and the links to see his show. But I've got the only possible excuse I know you find acceptable: I've got a date with THREE women! No foolin'!

bulletholes said...

Way to go Martijn! Buddy comes through Nederland a couple times a year. I hope you get to see him someday. Great guy.