Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I must have been spoiled. I never really lacked for anything, but something has been gnawing at me for a few months now. It is this:
There are things in my life I use every day that I have never had to purchase. Not my whole life. Not a single one, ever. It just seemed like these items just "came" with life, no purchase required.

The first of these I noticed a while back. 
I have three cabinets full of Tupperware. I have bowls, square dishes, pie holders, and individual triangle-shaped pie holders. I have a Cake Holder, and a compartmentalized condiment piece. I have Tupperware for juices, lettuce, butter and jam; I have Tupperware for steaming and straining. I must have a million dollars worth of Tupperware, the nicest most complete set in the world, but here's the thing:
I have never bought a single stick of Tupperware.

When I was in the process of moving in with Buckshot, all my towels were in storage. As I was driving to his house with my suitcase of clothes and toiletries I thought. "Bulletholes, you don't have a towel. You can't just show up at this guys house without a towel. He may not have towels for you".
So I stopped and I bought a towel. It was the first one I ever bought.
And to think I have a Kings Ransom of towels in storage! Where do all these towels come from, and who buys them? Funny thing is, as I was unpacking, Buckshot came and showed me my bathroom, and opened a cabinet and said "Here are your towels". My towels?
See, life just comes with towels!
And what towels they were! Big thirsty looking towels, the kind Doris Day might use.
I didn't bother to show him my pitiful little towel.

Then as I lay my head down last night on Buckshots set of down pillows, and I was just about to fall asleep, I woke with a start. Pillows! Here I am falling asleep on a set of $100 pillows, with at least a half dozen pillows in my storage unit, yet I have never bought a pillow!
Life just comes with pillows!

Life also seems to just come with hairbrushes, toothpicks, scissors; it comes with forks, spoons and knives; and depending on what I get for Christmas this year, it comes with underwear as well.


SL said...

So you are the one that has my cake holder!

bulletholes said...

I'll trade ot for some boxer-briefs.