Monday, January 29, 2007


"Share five off the wall, strange, unusual or just little known facts about yourself.” Part 3

In Little League, I hit two Grand slams in the same game. I used to steal my way from 1st to 3rd and then steal home. I was the Star pitcher and once pitched a "No Hitter", at least until the Coach pulled me in the 5th inning. All of this was when I lived in Detroit. When I moved to Texas in the 6th Grade I found out that these country boys down here were physically about a year ahead of the kids up north.
Though I played Football, I was never really worth a darn. I wore black glasses under my helmet and my nickname was 'The Phantom". Most unkind. (to be cont.)
I have rolled a 300 bowling.
I was a pretty good golfer at one time.
But my real passion is for a fairly unusual game.

I love the game of Badminton, and if you think its a sissy game, I will invite you over to try to take a point away. I have a $60 Racket. I'll let you use it.
The beauty of Badminton is this: the Birdie (shuttlecock) moves slowly...It comes off of the racket at over 100 mph (the world record is 205mph, 50 mph over the record in tennis)) but slows very quickly. What this means is that if you anticipate and hustle your ass off, you can return most any shot! Which leads to some 30 and 40 shot volleys. That is a blast!

Unlike Tennis, you will not see too many 'aces".
And unlike Tennis, it does not require lessons or a great skill level to have fun playing.
It doesn't take long to be able to serve and retun and volley.

I can play by myself...I hit the birdie against a wall and back again on the bounce. I can keep it going for 30 to 40 hits sometimes.
I had vaulted ceilings at one time that allowed me to move my furniture and play indoors.
If thats not "off the wall", I dont know what is!


Barbara said...

I LOVE badminton. It's one of the few games I can play well because it doesn't require a whole lot of strength. I would love to take you up on your offer to play with such a nice racket. I think my last racket was probably purchased with Green stamps. Now that dates me, doesn't it?

steve said...

Barbara, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout. A good Racket and a Feathered Shuttlecock...its like a good Champagne... you can tell the difference. We would have fun playing! i've played for hours at a time without actually keeping score... just volley back and forth!

Old Lady said...

I like ping pong and volley ball. I have never played badminton.

Mother of Invention said...

yes, it's off the wall! It's a real racket too!! HA!
It's a great game for groups and much fun and you don't need to have real skill, although it's a bonus which I don't have!

My cats love it too! Always trying to catch the Birdie! LOL!

David said...

I'm not sure which I am more impressed by - the 300 game or the 2 grand slams in 1 inning!! I think my high game (when I used to bowl) was about 195. My little league experience is worth a whole post sometime.

I agree that Badminton is NOT a sissy game. Ever watch it during the Olympics. We'll have to play if/when we ever cross paths. My tennis days may be numbered. Getting too old adn too creaky.

Annelisa said...

Used to play back in school days - great game!

Shame the birdie keeps flying!