Monday, January 08, 2007


Apparently everyone missed my meager contibution to the World of Poetry. Vanity is the only thing that prevents me from refusing this explanation and revelation. My poem , appearing briefly in paragraph 6, while it lacks much at present, is yet unfinished.
It likely will remain so.

"Sometimes a poem can have a deep and precise meaning
A lesson, a gleaning,
advice to keep in mind.
Some verses merely flirt with reason
Skirting,singing, measured by
No meter, no time,
Nor words that rhyme"

Once again I have outwitted the competition. If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand.
I did write a Poem for Lily when I first met her and put the Dr. Peppers in her truck.l My friend Alana advised me against revealing this work to Lily, http://http:/
but I will share it with ya'll now:

There once was a Nanny named Lily
Who thawed a heart long frosty and chilly
Items left in her Ranger
Posed no threat, just the danger
That Steve, in the end, looks mighty silly.

In the "Perils of Pauline" you'll remember
She was cooler than a Dixie December
But Dr. Pepper did not care
"Cause Lily, unaware,
Made his heart beat in Iambic Pentameter.

Lily's middle name is Pauline and she is still a nanny.

I have been working on my "Links" ... After putting up David at "Conclusions on the Wall", the "h2 Sidebar area of the Edit template" page I had been using, flat out disappeared!
Until it comes back from wherever it is, or someone can explain this apparent abduction, I won't be getting any of you deserving folks (you know who you are anyway) onto my links list.



I really enjoyed the "He Forgot it was Sunday" story.
Thank you!
Quack, Quack

Rod's Duck FArm said...

That "Racing to the Redlight" made a little more sense yesterday....
some of the traffic lights are interactive-computer controlled. The light will NEVER turn green if a car never shows up. Somebody needs to hurry up and get to the light and trip the timer so that the light will be green again.
(But the Duck Truck still just takes its own sweet time.)

Dave said...

I tried to write a poem,
But found it very hard.
Searching for the perfect meter,
I found only a yard!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! you're up and running again - no more 'sorry this page is unavailable' messages.........

and just for your reference - with friends, i never compete.......LOL


Mother of Invention said...

Can't help you with the links...Renny had to talk me through it in a few e-mails all the way from Oslo!

Old Lady said...

There once was a man from Nantucket...

What? Oh! Sorry! Wrong blog!

Mother of Invention said...

Old lady...did you play rugby too?!!!

Annelisa said...

The link on this post, i just realised, has too many "http:// " at the beginning - it seems to be repeated...

Anyway, to this post...

I actually think your verse is very good... I didn't realise that was yours when I read the last post - I thought it was a quote, and you'd just forgotten to put in the quotes (well, I guess that's quite flattering, huh?!)

Your poem for Lily was very witty! :-)