Sunday, January 21, 2007


...Its a sure sign you like me."
Of course there are some insults that will get you eaten by Dr. Norman Fell.
There are other insults that can be very hurtful. Most insults are just better left unsaid.

"And if I haven't tried to insult you yet, just be patient."
In my case what this means is "If you give a guy enough rope he will hang himself". I place a high value on being a Gentleman but I have struggled for much of my life with making inappropriate remarks. I have gotten much better over the years, and am always sensitive to what I have said, albeit many times too late.

Underneath my Title I have quoted a sign that my Father had in his office. It was handmade, in Caligraphy that he had done himself. As far as I know, he was the Author. My Father, as far as I know, never had the problems I have had with unseemly comments.
I like the Quote, and while they are not words to live by, there is a fair amount of truth in them.
They serve as my disclaimer, and my apology in advance.


Rod's Duck Farm said...

I cut out a cartoon from the WAll Street Journal and framed it for my desk. The graphic is a businessman smoking a cigar, sitting smugly at his desk. The caption states, "You're nobody until somebody loathes you."
Every now and then I almost make it.
But people are so forgetful. 20 or 30 years later, they get alzheimers or something and I'm back where I started.
Quack, Quack!!

Dave said...

I take a risk every time I speak and every time I listen. So does everyone else. That's what makes conversation so much fun!

Annelisa said...

I always liked your 'motto' when I come hear... I'm patiently waiting my insult :-D

Rod, you have to get a kid to loathe you... they have long memories (longer than people give them credit for!)...and they won't get Alzheimer's until after you've gone - you'll be guaranteed to be somebody then... Though, I've just thought, if you have to wait for 'somebody' to loathe you, you also have to wait from a person who's loathed to loathe you, and therefore that diminishes their sway... You can't wait for a nice person to loathe you, because they aint ever going to be somebody! :-S

Anonymous said...

Well now cowboy, this is a mighty fine quote......and I believe it fits you perfectly......You've brought a breath of fresh air to the blogosphere.......and I never leave without a laugh (or at the least, a big smile!)

David said...

i'm a lot better at avoiding insults than i used to be as a kid. then, being so much less inhibited, i blurted out whatever came to mind and often there were real lulu's.

2 quick examples:

* i was about 5 or 6 and taking a short walk outside our house with my cousin's new wife. "why do your front teeth stick out like that?" is how i struck up our new relationship.

* when i was 10 and an avid Deroit Lions fan, the team made it to the championship game (this was about 10 years before the Super Bowl had been invented). but, to my serious chagrin, the game was not being televised in Detroit. seeing my deep distress and wanting to see the game himself, my dad suggested the whole family drive 3.5 hours to Kalamazoo to visit with his sister there and maybe we could discreetly try to turn on the tv and watch the game.

well, after a nice dinner with my aunt and uncle, i was getting impatient. so, i asked if we could turn on the tv. my uncle complied and then said, "Look - there's a football game on." to which i instantly replied, "why do you think we came to see you?"

i have many more such examples, but i think you get the idea. :-)

steve said...

Rod, someone shoukd shove that cigar right up his...
Dave, you could talk the ears off a wooden Indian. its very tempting to do a link here.
Ladies, I anticipate with great relish being "smacked" by the both of you.
David, yes those are the kinds of things I was prone to say as a child.... but as an adult, my little sense of humor aint so cute.

Barbara said...

Some of my best friends have foot-in-mouth disease. It's hard for you guys who are quick-witted! Most people give you at least a couple of screw-ups before they hold it against you.

Mother of Invention said...

It takes a quick-thinking person like you, a lot to restrain your quick comments and to pause and think before saying them. I'm pretty quick to respond, too, so have to be careful. Most people understand when you make an apology.