Monday, May 07, 2007


cant make it here

I posted the Lyrics for this way back. Here, you can listen to it.
Musically, its a bit plain, but I think it is quite representative of James' little attitude. I like him a lot.
I've been working too much and I am tired or I might write more.


Dave said...

Funny how that is about working two jobs. I'm taking a rain break from job #2 today and it looks like it might last till Friday. Yesterday I figured out how to secure my brand-new, Billy Bad-ass leaf blower to my trailer. This thing will peel the lines off a parking lot!

Cool video, bye the way. I have a hard time being that depressed about things because my life seems to be going fairly well. I really don't know what I'd change. I feel bad for the guys and gals that are getting their asses shot off in Iraq but they did volunteer, after all. I don't really get the unemployment thing either. Employers here are gagging for any warm bodies they can get. Good song, though... I guess....


GEWELS said...

The images in this video did get to me. A bit depressing- realizing what some actually go through in their lives.
None of us should take any of our good fortune for granted.

And I do believe that with the unemployment rate being what it is much of it may be due to the fact that so many Americans are not willing to work the jobs that are available. You can squawk ALL you want about the illegal aliens but they are doing the jobs that we're too good for (or so we think).
And, as a once small business owner- many small companies cannot even afford to pay what is required- what with all of the benefits, etc. Oh- don't even get me started!

Kilroy_60 said...

Hey Steve! You've been posting some great stuff of late.

I wish I had time to write a bunch of comments; unfortunately I'm between engagements.

I did want to say, great choice...the picture of George C. Scott as Patton. As for the four dead the thought sickens me.

One last thing, I think you'll like this one, you've been TAGGED!

Barbara said...

Well that just about says it all. It made me ashamed to have such a good life when there are so many people out there suffering today. It's going to take more than a change of who's in power to even begin to address the mess this country is in.

steve said...

The part I think he really nails is how flip President Bush seems about the whole deal.
here in my upper middle class community, for some odd reson the taxpayers chse to close down the public library- it reopened when an anonymous donor came along.
Mcmurtry always paints a troubled picture...its never as bad as he lijkes to couldn't be thank God...but 5.15 an hour minimum wage? how can someone pay that with a straight face? I just got through doin' some time at the local Subway Sandwiches for 6.50 and a sandwich. you could starve on that, even with the sandwich. good thingh i didn't do it for the money. not that I have ever done anything for the money.

GrizzBabe said...

Get some rest buddy!

Mother of Invention said...

Now I know ho this musician is...kinda has a Dylan type sound here. Are all his songs heavy like this or does he have some happy ones that uplift?

steve said...

no happy ones.

Old Lady said...

We need more songs like that!