Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Kilroy has tagged me... this one concerns Education and in keeping with my usual policy of turning any tag into at least a 5 post series, we will first continue talking about Miss Cantrell.
For any one that missed my posts about her last week, and to refresh the memories of those who did not, Miss Cantrell was a Graduate of Kent State and a first year History Teacher and in the 7th Grade I was greatly influenced by her and an event that occured on her old Campus in 1970, which I detailed in a subsequent, but lumbering post titled "Four Dead".

Sometimes the very young and good looking Miss Cantrell would stop talking abiout history and let us talk about ourselves. I do not remember any of the girl classmates stories, but for us guys it wqas always about the same.

First a guy would say that while he and his Dad were out fishing they saw a UFO.

Then Another guy would say that when he and his Dad were out Hunting, a Bear had tried to get his Dad, but like a good son, he had saved his Dad with a One-Shot through the Heart kill. His Dad was forever grateful.

Then another guy would say that out on his Dads boat in the Bahamas, they had run into some pirate like bad Dudes, but his Dad had a Rifle and he had a Pistol and together they had run them off. Sometimes the guy and his Dad would actually capture the bad dudes and hand them over to the Authorities.

Finally, after a few more tall tales, some guy would say that his family heard noises outside one night and he and his father had circled the perimeter of the house with HPR's (High Powered Rifles) but it turned out to be just Aliens from another Planet and they scared them off, but the Cops had taken pictures of the footprints they left and the blast Burn from their Rocketship which NASA had followed up on the incident by interviewing them both, and issuing “I REALLY DID SEE AN ALIEN “ Certificates.

For a 7th Grade Class, there sure was a lot of Testosterone floating around.

Miss Cantrell was not the most influential teacher I had, but I think given the events of that year, it was a most influential class in a most influential year, if for nothing else but for the memory of her and the look her face the day those kids got shot at Kent State.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about what kind of Schoolin' I've had.


Dave said...

Oh! Very clever! I should have noticed the "Early Spring of '70 Thing" but it slipped right by me, even with the obvious cliffhanger. You are getting good at this, aren't you!

GEWELS said...

So what was YOUR tall tale?

steve said...

Davy,the Kent State thing sticks to me so hard I can scracely speak of it directly. I do not like to see that picture of the girl pleading, grieving over her buddies body. So in these posts I have only kind of alluded to it.

GEWELS- what do you think you've been reading? Actually, I used to be a pretty good little liar...

GEWELS said...

I see you still are!

Barbara said...

It seems we all fell in love with a teacher in junior high school. Little did I know that the one I picked was gay. I guess his pink shirts might have been a clue, but I didn't know much about those things back then. It seemed so harmless and impossible being in love with a teacher. It was certainly much easier than being in love with a 14-year-old boy!

Mother of Invention said...

King of Embellishment!

So didn't any Gr. 7 boys have any Bigfoot or Sasquatch stories?!!!

Mother of Invention said...
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GrizzBabe said...

Aliens. Killing bears. How Miss Cantrell kept from rolling her eyes into the back of her head, I'll never know.