Monday, April 06, 2020


I've lived in my house 4 months now. I finally did something my doctor has been begging me to do for years. I took a walk. He has BEGGED me, but I HATE walking. I drove around the block, its three quarters of a mile. Parked that car and set out afoot, hating every step. I got over to the next block. One of the houses had three younger guys in the front yard. As I approached they waved and gave me a hearty "Hello". They were smiling. I said hello back and a gave little wave.
"How are you doing?" one asked me.The other two looked at me expectantly, waiting for my answer.
That is when I realized these guys were starved for company. They were excited to see a stranger. Like they had been on a deserted island or something. I dont believe their reaction to my presence would have been as visceral any other time. Only now in this forced sequestration because of the COVID 19.
I gave them my best smile and friendliest voice.
"I'm doing great" I said, "How about you all?"
" We are great!" all three in unison, smiles just beaming at me. waiting for my reply.
I slowed down just a step, turned toward them, let a moment pass and said
"Just keepin' my distance, man" and they all three just laughed ..."Right, right, right." they said.
As I walked away I went into one of these little daydreams. I wish I had stopped and talked a little longer. Three complete strangers were so delighted to see me, and as the weeks go by as they have, suddenly I experienced a sense of hope. A sense of that maybe after all this isolation and separation, that maybe we will all fall in love with each other again. That is what we surely do need.
But there is more. I got home and I was getting a glass of water and kind of smiling to myself, thinking about this hope & love. And I thought "I need to go back out tomorrow, walking, and see who I can find". Me, who hates walking. In fact I CANT WAIT to get home tomorrow from work so I can go walking and I'm going to walk until I find somebody.
I just cant hardly wait!


Louise Gallagher said...

I followed your link from your comment on DK's blog.

what a delightful story -- I love the hope it carries in every step.

Bulletholes said...

Thanks Louise! After I fifnished writing it up it just seemed a little silly and stupid. But its not. The real shame is that it was raining yesterday, and I was busy today, and I didnt get to go saunter around the block.
Thanks for stopping by!

David Kanigan said...

You so captured the moment I felt on my run on Sunday. A nod. A smile. A wave. I felt the warmth with each interaction. Great post Steve.

Valerie said...

Thanks for your honesty--that really touches all who reads your post. I had one of those walks recently and met two neighbors I had only "known" by wave and smile before. Love that this plague is stimulating new kinds of connection within us and between us.
This to myself: why should rain stop me? "I'm not made of sugar so I won't melt!"

Bulletholes said...

LOL, you make a very valid point Val. Fact is that I used it as an excuse not to walk. See how I am? Thanks for stopping by!

Bulletholes said...

David, so it wasnt just my imagination!