Tuesday, March 02, 2010


This is like a Film Noir in color. It depicts an utter hopelessness that is exceeded only by the incompetence displayed due to the fact that the subject cannot seem to get the bullets into the gun.
It is the anti-thesis to the movie "Dirty Harry" where Harry and the Perp have lost track of how many shots were fired.
Here it looks athough there are 9 bullets out of the gun, and the Observer is left to wonder:"Is there one in the Chamber?"
Truly, the question appears to be moot because we have what appears to be a bomb, styled in the classic "Spy vs. Spy " Tradition, the fuse already lit and about to blow. So the question has to be:
"Is this my lucky day? Well, is it, Punk?"
Which might make a great title were it not a bit lengthy.
I call this one "Dirty Harry".


Minx said...

Love the bucket to mop up the blood afterwards - very thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

I love it! It has a real "art brut" feeling to it. And it has bullets. Which is everything I want in a painting. Great work!

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

A mop bucket, yes, that works Minxy!
Someone else pointed out that it could be a "Heard Of Pee-pees chasing a giant horse head".
I'm afraid they are correct.

red dirt girl said...

yes. i'm feeling a weird sort of phallic love for the piece ......


Barbara said...

So who is the artist?

bulletholes said...

The painting is my Buddy Jacobs....the Narrative I stole of course from UF Mike, who squints at art....cracks me up.