Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I go to pick up my new Blood Pressure medicine. The Lab Tech rings up my bill.
$165 she says, bored and unimpressed.
The cost is 12x the price of the old medicine. It must have Gold dust in it.
No, we don't need Health Care Reform.
Just go ahead and shoot me before I have a stroke in line at the Pharmacy.
I left without the new medicine. Its Christmas Eve, and I'm too poor, even with the Tax cut and insurance, to have proper Blood Pressure Medicine. So I started taking my old stuff again, the stuff that wasn't working so well.
It was't working worth a crap at all. I called my Doctor and set up a consultation.
By the time I got there, my Hypertension was in a full-tilt boogie. I was feeling pretty jumpy.
Doctor Strznik, a big Polish man with one loppy-jawed eye like Jack Elam's, asked me series of questions, regarding my medications, my previous blood pressure readings, and what I could afford. His last question was:
"So how do you feel, Steve?"
I said:
"I feel like I'd like to find a little guy and whup him."

Doctor Strznik laughed. He couldn't stop laughin'. I don't think he ever heard that one before. I thought he might bust a blood vessel, and the offset eye rolled around really weird while the good happy eye kept looking right at me.
I hope he never tries to do surgery with an eye like that, and I told him so.
He laughed even harder, and I started laughin' and the next thing you know we had two PA's in there and we are all laughing and that crazy cock-eyed eye is rollin' around.
Laughter....its the best Medicine, and the best answer to all that is wrong with the world.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Bulletholes!

bulletholes said...

Hey Waiter! How's Canada? Still servin' those Teriyaki and Lobs?
Have a good year buddy!

red dirt girl said...

Amen, cowboy, Amen!!

Have you looked into patient assistance from the drug company that makes your expensive blood pressure med ? I recently applied for such and (after 5 weeks) received 6 months of my Rx for free!!

Happy New Year!

Martijn said...

Great story. I hope that, one day, my doctor & I can laugh as hard as you with yours. Your medical system is an outrage though! Richest country in the world, letting people suffer. Call me a Commie Cunt, but I won't stand for it! No sir. You should have the medicine that works.

(My word verification is "bless"... nice one, innit?)