Monday, July 01, 2013


First time I met One-Eyed Hutch, my buddy gave him 100 bucks to score a pound of what he said was "really good stuff". We dropped him off at the corner of Brown Trail and Redbud.  He said he'd be right back, dashed into some apartment complex and we didn't see him again for like two years.
The last time I saw One-Eyed Hutch was 20 years later. He was driving a cab in downtown Fort Worth.
"Say man" he says "If you got a hundred bucks I can get you some really good stuff"
"Really?" I say "Where at?"
"Right around the corner" he says, and he turns to point over towards the bus station "Its just right around the corner, and its really good stuff"
But when he turned back towards me, I was already gone. 



goatman said...

Army buddies and I were ripped off similarly in San Antonio once. Black guy promised alot of chemical relief for the troops but disappeared between two apartment buildings. I hope he got his ass drafted!

bulletholes said...

Its the oldest trick in the book Goatman! I'm surprised anyone ever comes back.