Monday, November 18, 2013


I got to watch a friend “flirt “ with a girl.
He disagreed with just about everything she said.
I tried to point out to him that to be so disagreeable was not attractive.
He said that he wasn’t trying to be attractive, he was trying to be intelligent.
I said its never intelligent to be unattractive to the ladies, especially, you know, if you are trying to attract one.
“Really?” he said “I guess you’ve learned this lesson the hard way?”
“No” I explained “I’ve learned this lesson the “fun” way.”
 Then, he explained to her that he didn’t “suck up” to anybody…that he was “set in his ways”…
So I leaned in and whispered in her ear “Baby, I’m flexible...very flexible...”
She giggled.
Then he said he wouldn’t  go out of his way to be “flexible” for anyone just in order to give them what they wanted, so I leaned in real close and whispered:
“Just consider me at your service...”
She giggled some more.

God how I love flirting.

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red dirt girl said...

you are incorrigible!