Thursday, May 28, 2015


"Long time we travel on way to new land. People feel bad when they leave Old Nation. Women cry and make sad wails, Children cry and many men cry...but they say nothing and just put heads down and keep on go towards West. Many days pass and people die very much."
Trail of Tears survivor, 1829

5/28/1830, Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act.
"It gives me pleasure to announce to Congress that the benevolent policy of the Government, steadily pursued for nearly thirty years, in relation to the removal of the Indians beyond the white settlements is approaching to a happy consummation." He also said, "Toward the aborigines of the country no one can indulge a more friendly feeling than myself, or would go further in attempting to reclaim them from their wandering habits and make them a happy, prosperous people."

Leading the way had been the Supreme Court ruling in 1823 that the "right of discovery" outweighed the "right of occupancy".

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