Thursday, June 18, 2015


I wish the AARP would not send my sister any more mail. I wish they wouldnt send her any more invitations to join, with a 3X5  sized "Temporary Membership Card" made out of Credit Card stock, with a big picture of a "Day Bag" on it which can be "YOURS, ABSOLUTELY FREE" just for joining AARP today by sending in $16.
It says the Day Bag will hold your electronic tablet, your copy of AARP magazine, and a six pack of Ensure. Its "great for day trips, or any time you are on the go".

The thing is, I'm older than my sister. Why are they not sending ME offers for free stuff? Do they know that because of bad financial planning I will never be able to retire? They seem to know that in order to get my sister to join all they needed was to offer her a free Day Bag.
If they know all that, why do they not know my sister is dead? That she will never need another day bag, not even for a minute?
I wish the AARP would stop sending my sister offers for free stuff.


AnitaNH said...

I can appreciate how you feel about this. I have a similar problem with AAA sending me their membership card and silver window decal that makes it impossible to tear the package in half before chucking it into the trash. Don't they know that due to "Poor Financial Planning" I do not need their services because I cannot afford a car? I'll bet you that as soon as I pass they will sweeten the deal by offering a free USA map atlas! Hey Steve!

bulletholes said...

Hi Nita! Yeah, a map or an emergency road kit.
Just what you need.