Monday, March 21, 2016


I had an amazing dream. I was at the grocery store. They had a bargain. You could fill your cart for $ 100 with whatever you wanted.
I filled my cart, and got to the register.
They girl ringing me up slid a head of lettuce over the reader and called out “Canned Goods”.
The next items was Irish spring soap. “Baking Products” she called out.
I thought this was odd.
She grabbed a can of coffee. “Frozen Desserts” she says, and rings it up.
“Wait a minute” I said “That is not Frozen Desserts,  that is coffee.”
“Its just how we do it” she said.
“Its stupid, it makes no sense” I said.
She shrugged her shoulders, and went back to ringing stuff up. None of it made sense.
I found myself getting frustrated.  Aggravated even.
 And it was when she got to the gallon of milk, and called it “Household Goods” that I exploded.
“This is not Household Goods” I screamed, and I picked up the gallon of milk and spiked it like a football, the carton breaking and milk splashing everywhere.
“Oh no” I thought “I’ve really done it now” and I looked up to see that a manager had appeared next to the cashier. He looked at me with no real expression on his face, and said:
 “This episode belongs to you”.
I felt so ashamed.
I said “ I know. I’m so sorry. You guys can ring this stuff up however you want. Its costs me the same either way. Can you bring me a mop, please?”

Just For Today I won’t spill any milk.

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