Saturday, June 11, 2016


On my Mom's birthday, June 11, 1982, she had a real bad stroke. I had gone in to work at 3:00, and got a phone call from the hospital at 6:00. She was in ICU. I left work to go see her. She was in ICU for a few weeks. She made a good recovery, was able to walk and talk and drive, but it took months of therapy.
The thing is, the day she had the stroke, on her birthday, I had not called her. I didn't have a card or present. I cant tell you for sure whether or not I even knew it was her birthday.
I would bet, at the age of 25, I was completely oblivious to her birthday. It haunts me a little, and it haunts me more on June 11ths.
I want all you youngsters to understand this:
Never forget to recognize your mama's birthday.

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