Tuesday, February 28, 2017


They have finally convicted someone of voter fraud here in Texas. Right here in Tarrant County. She was a Republican. I hope they catch them all.
I mean, I hope they catch BOTH of them. (click here)

There was another fellow named Harris who started a fraud investigation in Texas.
He was hoping to find Democratic fraud. But as the story goes, while he hasn’t found any fraud per se, he hasn’t been able to get any Republicans to help him either. He is flooded by Tarrant County Democrats wanting to help, who feel that the elections in the county have been rigged Republican for years.
Now what do you make of that?

And now, in more voting news, Tarrant County has found 15 voters who signed affidavits indicating they didn’t have their ID when they came to vote. 15 votes out of 643,000 votes cast. They are checking them out for fraud.
I hope they catch one. (click here)

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