Tuesday, August 18, 2009


On game day at Bedford Jr. High the Athletes would all wear ties, and the girls would collect their Tie-Tacks throughout the day, and pin or clip them to the lapels of their Cheerleader uniform.
Every time I see a Tie-tack I think about Game Day and Patty Cakepan.
She was not necessarily the best looking girl at school, but she was the most aggressive tie-tack collector on campus. Every week she collected the most tie-tacks. Her lapel was always covered in silver and gold, bejeweled with diamond and onyx and rhinestones from the boys, many on loan from their Dad's Jewelry Boxes.
I would see her in the Open-Air Atrium, palling around and flirting with half a dozen guys, all laughing and every now and then she would put her arm around one or two of them and give a big friendly hug.

For a nerdy thick-lensed fellow like myself, this seemed to insinuate that if I could get her to want my Tie-Tack, then maybe Patty Cakepan might want me as well.
You know, want me like a lover or something.
I even went so far as to imagine that the quality of the tie-tack might be directly proportionate to this end, and a cause for my desired effect.

With this in mind, I frowned and put my only tie-clip back into my drawer.
It was the last Game Day of the year, and a full moon too, and in my mind it was time to make a move for Patty Cakepan. I went into Dads room, opened his jewel case and found a winner.

Getting Patty Cakepan to take my Dads Tie-tack was easy.
Getting it back was not.
I think maybe she still has my Dad's Tigers-Eye 24 karat Arabian Gold inlaid with Diamond Deluxe Tie Clip from De-beers.


Barbara said...

Please tell me her real name was not Patty Cakepan. How did your dad take the loss of his tie clip?

cornbread hell said...

it's good to hear from you, you cad.

Lily said...

One is of the opinion that pater is better off without such vulgar tie furniture.

bulletholes said...

Barb, just another item that grew legs and walked off.

Cad? Good to hear from you too! I'm down to weekly posts now buddy.

lily, it was a bit overdone with the diamonds. It was big too, must have weighed about a pound. Thats 2.2 kilo's. Dad was better off without it!
Hi Lily!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! What memories and how well described it is!! I can not believe you gave her that tie tack!!!! Who was this girl? By the way, from a nerdy girl, getting a tie tack was a very big deal. I don't even remember ever actually wearing any. Oh the envy of those girls loaded down with them! My first memories of that go back to the first 6 or 9 weeks of 8th grade when we went to Central in the afternoons. Remember that?
I don't know how many people on your list can actually FEEL what this was like, but you've made me revisit the whole "i'm a nerd and wish I was cool" feeling!! Oh the angst of junior high!

Annie said...


e said...

Your dad must have been pleased when that item walked off...Another great story! I hope you're doing well, Bulletholes!

bulletholes said...

A gal had to be a bit brazen to ask for a tie-tack, much less to have ther tie-tacks of a dozen or more boys! (putting it politely)

You, Nancy, were not brazen, you were a lady, and beyond reproach. It was well and good to be a nerd. I should have stayed so.

bulletholes said...

Annie and Elaine:
Thanks for stopping by.
I know I'm not coming by to see ya'll, and I'm posting real infrequent so I appreciate you all the more! Hope you guys are well.