Friday, August 28, 2009


I am sitting here wearing to my new cologne from Avon and listening to an old Black Sabbath album from 1970. Its the first of the Heavy Metal Fragrances and forever changed the smell of Rock and Roll.
From the Avon catalog::
“A victorious fusion of energizing Mercury, Lead, Plutonium 239 and exotic Isomers spiked with real Slag. Comes in 2.5 fl. oz. The essence of mind-body excellence. Ironman is the ultimate triathlon race involving three endurance events: a 2.4 mile swim in heavy boots of lead, a 112 mile bike ride through a Magnetic Field and a 26.2 mile run in order to take vengeance by filling you full of dread”

I can’t wait for them to come out with “Paranoid”

Has he lost his mind?, Can he see or is he blind
Can he walk at all? Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he live or dead? I see thoughts within his head.
We'll just pass him there. Why should we even care?

He was turned to steel in the great magnetic field!
When he traveled time for the future of Mankind.
Nobody wants him He just stares at the world.
Planning his vengeance that he will soon unfurl.
Now the time is here for ironman to spread fear.
Vengeance from the grave kills the people he once saved
Nobody wants him they just turn their heads.

Nobody helps him now he has his revenge.

Heavy boots of lead fills his victims full of dread.
running as fast as they can Ironman lives again.
from the album paranoid, balck sabbath, 1970


Dave Mows Grass said...

Absolutely brilliant!

soubriquet said...

God, that Avon stuff sounds good, all it needs to be perfect is a nuance of Extreme Pressure 90 Hypoid bevel gear-oil.
And sweat.

Lily said...

Very good, but does it attract the laydees?

bulletholes said...

Lily, its magnetic!

Martijn said...

Hey there! I'm back from Eastern Germany and I'm glad to see you've picked up you quill again. And how! Greetings


bulletholes said...

Martjin, I wondered where you went!
I'm doing about a post a week is all.
Good to see you buddy!

Martijn said...

I went walkabout. Not litterally, but I had many holidays left (I think they made a mistake in calculating them) and I had a strong urge to flee my country and office. After having seen the Provence in spring where everything was so (too) beautiful and touristy I said I would go somewhere ugly yet interesting... Eastern Germany sprung to mind. So that's where I went. Drove there and looked around everywhere. It was sometimes truely ugly in a soothing way and very interesting! Magnificent journey. And Berlin is the coolest place on Earth.

Only one post a week? Ah, I forgot to see the dates, I just saw you back in action. Maybe things will pick up, after you wrote a few. And it's not about the number...

ALittleGuitar said...

i wish they'd bring back hai karate.