Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm sorry to say for the three readers I have left that I am forced to add one of those verification things for the comments in order to filter out all the Spam coming this way, even though in some measure the Spam is more interesting than what I have posted. You should see it all that has come in bulk on posts from a year ago.
No, you shouldn't.
No, I do not want a Russian Bride, I am not familiar with the Forex-Nurma-Biopic Formula, I will not follow the linky in order to increase my virility, nor can I by any stretch of the imagination offer any aid towards getting a fortune in platinum ingots out of Lasa-Apso.
But I wishing the many of you to be good luck and improving well.


Anonymous said...

Interested in making $90K at home, simply by rubbing your feet together in a way designed to produce music, like a cricket?

I hate those mofos.

I don't mind providing word verification. Especially seeing as the current word is, believe it or not, "mousio."

UF Mike

soubriquet said...

Send off now for my secret booklet which divulges the wisdom of the ancients, and the secret exercises that teach you how to grow a schlong that would bring tears to a lady elephant's eye....

Just send the money in a plain brown envelope to Soubriquet International,
and you'll be the talk of the town on your next trip to the zoo.

Barbara said...

I saw a statistic today that 90% of the traffic on the Internet is spam. Do these idiots get anything for all their efforts I wonder?

I'll bet you have more than 3 readers. There are a lot of lurkers who never leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, internet Spam has given Spam a bad name.

UF Mike

dmarks said...

Lately there are a lot of odd spams with text like "This is a great blog, and the writing is getting better and better".

What's up with that? No advertising.

bulletholes said...

Mike, word verification may bring new life to this old ceremony.
Souby, mine already does, but they are tears of laughter!
Barbara...i know 90% of what I put out these days qualifies as Spam, but thanks for coming by!

Yeah Dman, I get those too. In fact, I helped a guy get his Phd last week with a post.
Thats what keeps me going!

Martijn said...

"nesseur" I got. Don't know what it is, but it sounds très classy and like a secret code as well. "Don't you have anything to say, Mr. Bond?" "Well yes I have, Pussy... nesseur.... wink wink."

I can imagine how Spam is a Blogger's Nightmare. I, a non-blogger, hate it too, but I hate most things modern, machine-made, medical-related or in general commercial-related. In the layers of Hell, the one of Advertisement is the worst, in my opinion. I told them that too, here where I work, at an advertisement agency. So some thought I was joking. That's okay.

But very good of you to install the Word Verivication Device. No problem whatsoever. Maybe we should all learn to love the Spam... I came across a book the other day of 'Text Messaging Poetry'. Up till then, I didn't like TM either (easy, lazy & ugly). So what if we form, assemble or write some Spam poetry? That would disarm them. Or else verification poetry.

Martijn, Spam Poet

Dave Mows Grass said...

I have reading this funnily-writen blog and it become more laughable with every post. Keep the author up this hilarious work!


Martijn said...

Dave! Nice one. I'll bet you had to think about your text, but I can write like that without trying. I mean, I DO write like that. Quingsts.

Don't let me catch you woring your quingsts again young man!

Anonymous said...

Spam is terrible. But I have some Navajo jewelry I would like to sell out of the trunk of my car by the side of the road outside this blog. Is that okay?

UF Mike

Anonymous said...

Just lurking around wondering if you'd take a comment.