Monday, February 01, 2010


This life is just a flash, just a moment, just a painful orgasm.
There are mountains, long conceived, still being born into this Mortal Experience.
A Mountain so large it creates its own weather system, Named 'The Ancient One" by the Indians, it is the highest point on the continent.
There is a river that has patiently carved a gorge into the earth over the last 2 billion years; a canyon that is a mile and a half deep and 18 miles wide.
And another river whose mortal experience disappears into burning sand 280 feet below Sea Level: the hottest, lowest and driest place on the continent.
There are forests of trees so old they have turned to solid rock, a mortal experience in a forest immortal; And trees still growing that were saplings during the time of Christ, long before Rome ruled the world, before the Greeks built the Parthenon, before the Egyptians built the Pyramids.

Tress that are the trallest, largest and oldest living things on the planet.

Our brief mortal experience spins on the surface of the earth at 1,000 miles per hour, 24 hours a day as our solar system glides around the galaxy at 550,000 miles per hour.
Who is to say how quickly the Galaxy moves through the universe?
Who can say when it began, and who will be there to note the time that it shall begin again?
“We are Spiritual Beings having a Mortal Experience”
This life is just a flash, just a moment, just a painful orgasm.

Credit to my friend Greg U., John Muir, and the Ken Burns documentary for most of the assembled verbage for this post.


Anonymous said...

I wish I felt as spiritual as you obviously do. Beautiful writing, friend.

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

Agh, don't let me fool you Mike. I'm working real hard at trying to let some of thisstuff "Stick"...and maybe a little of it is starting to.
I'll continue along this vein for my next two posts.

Barbara said...

Makes me feel like an insignificant spec hurtling through space and time.

Martijn said...

Some things on earth are really old... way older than Creation even. Mindboggling no?!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't mean to write, "spiritual beings having a miserable experience"?

Hope you're having a good day, pal.

UF Mike

P.S.: Today's word verification is "flogener." Which isn't a real word but ought to be. As in, "Jed was elected town flogener."

bulletholes said...

Barb, it makes my troubles seem insignificant too!

Martijn, I don't know about creation, but I can make a case that rocks are older than dirt.

Mike, at least we are only miserable for 75 years, on average. Thats merciful, yes?