Wednesday, June 09, 2010


"As far as writing, yeah, its a blast. I will always tell people I'd write even if I didn't get paid for it. It's healthy and cathartic to express oneself, ecpecially in the arts because God created us to be creative, since his very essence is that of...Creator"

This is what a dude I went to high School with wrote me 3 years ago, back before I started this blog. Greg was always at the top of the food chain in School; Star Fullback, voted "Mr. Handsome" 3 years straight, Homecoming King and always being chased by the Cheerleading Squad. He went on to college and is now some kind of writer out in California, childrens books and such I think. I find this amazing because back in High School I wasn't sure he could spell "cat".

But he is right about one thing- this writing stuff is a blast, even if he may overestimate the Almighty's hand in it.


red dirt girl said...

good to see you're still slinging words around. now my world is good.


bulletholes said...

Still slingin' it, just not so much.
But I seldom visit anyone anymore. I spend some time on Facebook where everything is lame, nobody really reads or writes and for some weird reason that seems to suit my lack of purpose more than a blog, which requires way too much thoughtful insight and mental investment.

red dirt girl said...

don't sell yourself short. your words are worth reading even if they are few and far apart. though it is a shame that facebook has sidetracked your blog. i'm still thinking of you. i've had a very rough year hence my excuse for minimal input into the blog. but i know my friends are still here.


bulletholes said...

I've been thinking of putting on some kind of, in the words of George Patton, some kind of "big push" that will get me to 1000 posts by September, my 4 year mark.

I know you have baby, thats oK, just keep ahngin' in there.

Anonymous said...

"The Big Push"--sounds good! You'd be doing us all a favor. Your writing's a joy.

UF Mike