Monday, October 22, 2012


The radio station I’ve been listening to has become lame. I’m hearing the same songs the same time of day all the time.

I hate that.

Increasingly, I’ve been turning it off entirely.
I had it on Friday, and they played some horrible song and I thought about turning it off.

But then another song came on, a catching little tune by some chick with a great voice. It was so “POP” that it had to have enough cyclamate in it to kill a pony. I really couldn’t stand it, but neither could I turn away. I listened and wondered about that voice.

It wasn't Janis, or Grace Slick; it didn’t have the personality of Chrissy Hynde, or even Edie Brickell; it was a thick sweet syrupy voice, like drinking non-dairy hazelnut creamer right out of the container. It was kind of like Cher maybe, without all the testosterone; it was Madonna, minus the Prozac.
Who could it be?

And then, the horror of it all. Suddenly I knew it was the artist I’ve avoided all year. I’ve never heard one of her songs straight through, but I knew I was listening to Adele.
I have got to find a new radio station.

Put a hat on her and you got Boy George.
Crack her in half and Andy Devine and Cindy Lauper come crawling out.


AnitaNH said...

Great review, Steve. You inspired me to write this:

bulletholes said...

Thanks Nita! I'll come check it out!

SL said...

Oh, that is bad. I recommend you take two James McMurtry's daily until the you stop hearing the sound. I don't know what you are going to do about getting those images out of your head!