Tuesday, October 09, 2012


You may recall last year I hired a Nutritionist and she gave me a diet to follow.

But ya know what? This ol’ addict loves to eat, and eating is the only vice I have left.
No dope, no cigarettes, no ‘Yum-Yum” so I take it out on food, and all the Nutritionists in the world can't help that.

Then back in May, I finally took another suggestion my doctor gave me (because I have learned to take suggestions) and joined a gym. But it only took a few weeks to figure out that somewhere down the line I had rotator cuff damage.
Haha! There went $30,000, and now I’m not supposed to lift more than 5 pounds or get within 20 feet of a treadmill.

But you know what?

I finally waited long enough that this is going to pay off for me.
The doctor is actually paying me to lose weight!
You heard right, he is PAYING ME to lose weight!
I am in a study, and taking some untested little blue pill.

God, I love big pharmacy!
God, how I love this country!

Of course, if I lose 30 pounds and then my dick falls off, whats the use?


AnitaNH said...

I don't know, Steve. I think you stand to lose more than your dick in this one. Be careful! I don't trust those guys...


More info. here if you can make sense of the jargon:

bulletholes said...

The one I'm testing is:

I don't think I'm getting it though...I think I'
m getting the placebo. I gained two pounds last week, and my appetite hasnt changed.

red dirt girl said...

oh damn why don't I ever get to test weight losing pharms ????!!