Sunday, February 16, 2014


"I thought I am seeing some lot of very happy people. They deserved to win."
Vladislov Tretiak, Russian goalie from the 1980 Russian team, when asked what thoughts were going through his head while the Americans celebrated their upset victory at Lake Placid.
Sounds like a really nice guy to me. 

I've been taught as an American my whole life to be afraid of, to be untrusting of, and for lack of a better word to hate certain peoples and groups. Indians, Negros, Russians; Communists, Socialists, Anti-War Protesters; Gays, Non-Christians, Academics; these days its Muslums, the 47% and anyone in American whose English is not so good.
I'm not buying it anymore.

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flask said...

i will tell you who i don;t trust: anyone who wants to abrogate civil liberties and anyone who wants to deny the privileges they themselves have based not on personal acts but on membership in some less desirable group.

i also don;t trust people who want to hide information and obscure the trail of where the money goes.

most people, individually, are pretty decent.