Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Written by a friend of mine whose writing skills may not be so great, but moved me more than anything I've read in a long long time. I have no good reason for it, but I have a good feeling about this one.

"Have not been shared this with my family n friends I had a lump on my throat on my lymph about a year ago was small my doctor wrote it off and lost my insurance with them for 11 months back with same doctor showed him same lump had grown he checked it out I told him it was same one he felt like it was infection because I had been battling diabetic infections so I accepted this well I had MRI done before it usually takes about 2-4 weeks to get in he expressed to his nurse to get radiation on phone he wanted me to get this checked quickly he had me appointment in two days had his nurse call me back after the MRI with in 24 hrs that it was a mass the couldn't tell from text drawing inconclusive the wanted me CScan to determine what was going on and the already have console with a cancer DR n appointment two days after this test the nurse wouldn't be calling he cleared his schedule the other DR was a friend expressed he wanted to be there I asked him y I had told him that he never listened to me before n fact the appointment before the next would be my last and I would get a new dr I was actually surprised that I was still seeing him said something to his nurse she said that after I expressed how I felt that I was confused and he would have never overlooked any kind off lump in that part off the body it is what part off lungs so he asked her to pull my charts so he could know and proven I never mentioned it to him and he checked his follow-up notes when you come into exam room the nurse checks vital s and ask what brought you in for visit and in big red letters she wrote mass on lymph glands she politely y he was telling the other nurses he New I never said and to difficult patient she didn't want to embarrass him slip it in front off him the look on his face said it all he is a young India DR she has been his nurse for 6 years and the favorite DR she had worked with in 25 years as a RN he stopped boasting and tears started coming down his cheeks and apologize for being so pompous and not any humility he was ashamed that I was probably right about not listening to me as he was telling me along with his nurse and every one who was in that circle listening he asked if the would step in and he explained y he had them there he asked me to forgive him he wasn't giving me the maximum care I our any patient deserves he wanted to be a physician because he wanted to take care off people like his father and uncles so he doesn't know where he stopped having the passion and drive off humanity that was his integrity and he was not going to pursue another contract take time off and figure out what happened to the Doctor he was and dreamed off being he asked if I could forgive him I was so moved by his brutal honesty as was his fellow employees not a dry eye I told him that anyone that knows me would have agreed with him because I'm persistent and opinionated and know it all and that my shield that I live by I will share when I know someone going to be my friend is that I'm have to be forgiven person because one day I'm going to ask them to forgive me because that is our flaws off bieng human and yes not a problem to forgive him and he might be a little to hard on himself after that bit of humanity me and himself by ourselves that he would like to continue there with me as my doctor well Monday I had the cat scan the decided to give me a low dose of chemo after the tech said from the measurement the sent her it had shrink but she couldn't tell me wat diagnosis is just encouraging so I go find out Monday I told my doctor that if outcome was cancer I wasn't going to do chemo because anyone I have known our loved never seen a positive outcome I would walk with faith that would be better chance to find that faith off the mustard seed that somewhere lost time to find that through the God that has loved me and protect me never abounded me like I have him hopefully have to be outcome is infection but doesn't hurt to ask my friends and family to pray for a positive outcome the power off many in prayer has always worked out what ever God's will is supposed to be will accept his decision and I will continue to pray for ya to thanks"

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