Sunday, March 02, 2014


Went to church this morning. Really, I did.

What did I learn? 
That 5% of the world population is gay; that DFW is second behind San Francisco in total gay population; that some members love Ellen but hate that a Methodist minister married a gay couple last week in Dallas; and that homosexuality is undoubtedly a choice and a sin- always has been, always will be.
I haven't fact checked any of this.

I can't tell if things have changed since I was a church boy or not. Maybe church has always been as political as it has been spiritual. I just don't remember it that way. I do remember back in 2008 attending a Sunday School class and being pretty well admonished for thinking about not voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I remember that real well, and I remember  Sunday Morning Coming Down.


flask said...

i miss the feeling i used to have when i believed all that church crap.

and i believed it right up until and about a year after they threw me out in the wake of the assault perpetrated on me by my (then) best friend's husband, a rich white guy who think of himself as important and who sometimes went to my church.

the bastard actually told me that he'd come to church special to hear me sing in the choir.

when i started to go south afterward, the church threw me out.

i haven;t been the same since.

what i have concluded is that churches, while varying in their degree of oppression, do not differ in that they oppress.

bulletholes said...

i remember when I was a good little church boy, on the path to becoming a fanatic, there was a kid at school with a Jewish last name. i rememebr thinking to myself I ought to go to him, and let him know i had forgiven his people for killing the christ, and invite him to accept Jesus into his heart.
I didnt really know what a Muslim was back then, just that one day it would be us and them at a place called Armageddon.
So maybe Church has always been more political than I thought.