Thursday, May 08, 2014


I was dove hunting at grandma’s in Grandview one time. Did pretty good along a fence line. Every now and then I’d have to hop the fence to pick up a fallen bird.
It was Labor Day, my buddy Brad was with me.
As were were leaving, a man and his kids pulled up in his truck, said he owned the property across the fence, and didn’t believe in no bird killin’ didn’t want us on his property.
“We didn’t hunt on your land sir, but I crossed the fence a couple times to pick up a bird.”
“Don’t wan’t you on there, no way no how”
“Ok, that’s fine. I'm sorry for your trouble sir.” and off to my grandma’s we went.
We watched the Cowboys with grandma that night, they whipped Baltimore 38-0 I think.
So we load up after the game to head out, and just as we are getting to the city limit, the flashing lights kicked on behind me. I pulled off to the right.
The officer comes to the window, runs my license, and pulls us both put of the car.
“Were you boys shootin’ birds over off Bois D’ Arc this evening?”
“Do any good?”
“Got a coupla few”
“Well, I got a call in from the McBrides. Said ya’ll was shootin’ birds on their property. Said they asked you to leave and you told ‘em to go to hell and proceeded to clean your birds right there in front of ‘em.”
Me and Brad looked at each other, and I said “No sir, we were on the Morgans property, and a couple times we crossed the fence to pick up some dead birds, but we been doing that for years. I told them I was sorry, and wouldn’t cross the fence anymore, dead bird or not.”
He kinda eyeballed me a second and says “Well, that sounds about right. They just bought that land last year. And they crazy as hell anyway, all of ‘em. Say, you wouldn’t know who won the Cowboy game, wouldya?”

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