Friday, May 23, 2014


They are pouring a new lot where I work. The guys I work with, they like looking out the window, and critiquing the job. Sure, they know nothing about pouring concrete, but it doesn’t matter. So they gather at the window and talk like Pedro and Jose out there don’t know what they are doing. I like to tell them “those guys know EXACTLY what they are doing!”
A few days ago a crew shows up after the rain. The guys gather at the window.
“What do they think they are doing?”
“They cant work with all that water!”
So the workers use a Caterpillar tractor to dig a trench, then lower a pump to drain the water from the trench, and the next thing you know they're putting up forms and laying re-bar.

I just laughed. “Pedro and Jose  way ahead of you guys!” I told them, and everybody went back to their desk.

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