Saturday, June 07, 2014


When I first started working for Hyatt, the chef had me make lasagna. It came out great. Two weeks later, we were serving it again.
 I said "Do you want me to make the lasagna again?"
"No" the chef said "We'll buy it this time."
"Why ? Was my lasagna not good"
"Yes, your lasagna was fine" he said "But once you know how to make it, you never need to make it again"
God, how I miss working with chefs.


SL said...

Ah, but once you know how to make it, that's when you can start tweaking the recipe!

Martijn said...

How can buying it be cheaper than making it? He may be a good chef and human being, but not a good business man. Although, come to think of it: those two rarely go together.

Hell of a good story though!

Bulletholes said...

Time is money Martjin! And really, these huge processing plants can make a frozen lasagna cheaper than we could in the kitchen, when it came down to it. Unless we used lefover quiche instaed of ricotta cheese, which isnt a bad idea come to think of it....

Hi SL!