Thursday, August 13, 2015


I’m white, decidedly non-religious, but recognize the guaranteed right of any religion to build a church, temple synagogue or mosque anywhere they like, will pay extra to live in a clean modern and compassionate society, and a huge premium to live in a country with the most modern kick ass military possible. I believe in the brotherhood of man, but recognize, as my Aunt Glesnal would say, “there is a lot of meanness in the world”. 

I am filled with southern pride when I see the flag known as “The Confederate Battle Flag”  being flown at automotive junkyards, displayed on bottles of whiskey, at Charlie Daniels Band concerts, and all KKK rally’s, as long as it is displayed properly.
This is the same Southern Pride I felt when I was in the sixth grade, and supported George Wallace in his bid for presidency, even though I didn't exactly know what Mr. Wallace was about. I just knew it was my Southern Duty to support him, and that was enough for me.

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