Thursday, August 20, 2015


At the QT’s getting coffee this morning I saw the pretty girl that comes in all the time. She was up front at the register, so I didn’t stir the Splenda into my coffee, I just capped it and ran to the front, hoping that maybe I’d have a chance to give her my best “Good Morning” in my best voice. I’d never been in proximity to be able to do that before, and she’s very pretty, and maybe this would be my lucky day.
So I came skidding up right behind her in line, and I froze like a stone. She was wearing that backless turquoise number layered with a sheer Ann Klein T underneath, which allowed me to see the outline of her lacy little pink bra. It’s a great gimmick, but the thing is…
The 3" long tag was hanging out the back of the turquoise top!
I froze like a stone.
What to do?
Should I just step up and say ‘Let me help you with this, baby” and tuck the tag back into her shirt?
(she’s a nice tall size 6/8 and a 34B, with a round face, long sandy blonde hair, and nice nails)
Or should I just let it pass?
Which do you think I did?


Low Rider said...

Reminds me of a story: guy walks into work on Monday morning with a black eye. His co-worker asks, "George, what happened?" George says, "You're never going to believe this: there I am in church, minding my own business when this women in front of me stands up to sing, and her skirt is stuck up her crack. So I decide to help her out and I reach down and give her skirt a tug. She didn't like that." CO-worker: "George, you can't do that sort of thing!" A week goes by. George comes in on Monday morning with the other eye black. Co-worker, "George now what happened?" George, "you're never going to . . ." Co-worker cuts him off, "let me guess. Same woman with a wardrobe issue?" George, "no, no. The guy sitting next to me sees the skirt on my punching women. He reaches over and pulls it out. But I know better. I know she likes it up there, so I reach over and tuck it back in". (:

Hey Bullets? How are your eyes? lol

I hope you got lucky!

Bulletholes said...

At the same QT a while back, the little girl behind the counter had put some highlights in her hair. I said "Goos morning , your hair looks really nice", just trying to be nice.
She looked up at me, horrified.
It totally, 100% creeped her out.
Its really a drag, getting old.

Low Rider said...

It sure is. A couple years ago, my hair decided to start falling out, so I now have the horseshoe shaped hairstyle. I hate being bald. You can't really politely wear a baseball cap at a nice restaurant, you know?

I'm toying with the idea of the full shave - Michael Jordan style - or really - Yul Brynner style. But my wife is not sure she'll like it. I'm thinking 'what the heck'? It'll grow back, maybe.

bulletholes said...

Ha! I used to be a john Denver.
Now I'm a Jack Nicholson.