Wednesday, July 06, 2016


I’ll send her a text.
Usually, it takes 6-8 hours to get a reply.
No matter how charming, witty and funny I might be, I cant seem to lure her into much banter.
When we’ve gone to dinner three times the conversation is lively.
So a few weeks ago I sent her a text. It took a day for her to get back to me. I’m used to it by now, right?

But I decide to just not text her for a while.
It takes 8 days, but I finally get a text. It says
“I’ll be off the grid for a while, so if you text me and I don’t text back, don’t think I’m ignoring you”
I said “Cozumel???”
She says “Bahamas”
And I say “I guess you know I have a mental picture of you walking down the beach, topless, like it aint no thing?”
No reply.
Now I’m getting nervous. Maybe I’ve offended her.
I give it five minutes and decide to call. Maybe I can mitigate whatever damage I might have done.
She answers the first ring.
“Hey!” she says.
“Hi Darlene! When are you leaving for the Bahamas?”
“I’m in line to board right now” she says.
So the last thing she thinks of before going on vacation for a week is “I better let steve know if I don’t return his texts its not because I’m ignoring him”

So I sent her a text yesterday.
“Are you home yet?”
she says “Yes. How are you?”
“I’m probably not as lean and tanned as you” I say.
No response.
But this morning @ 7:00am she sends me a text.
“It was horrible. I got a rash, cut my toe, fucked up my knee, have tummy trouble, lost my boyfriend. But I got a lot of reading done.”
So I say “Sorry to hear that.  A lot of that rash going around.Two friends went to Galveston and got it. That boyfriend stuff is going around too. I had that girl of mine come get her shit from my apartment 3 weeks ago. So when can you go to dinner again?”
And I got no reply!

Maybe I should have shown more empathy?

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