Monday, June 11, 2007


I've been wanting to post this for some time now...Water Baby brought it home for homework a while is it that we get behind on what we want to post?

The Most Of It
He thought he kept the universe alone;
For all the voice in answer he could wake
Was but the mocking echo of his own
From some tree–hidden cliff across the lake.
Some morning from the boulder–broken beach
He would cry out on life, that what it wants
Is not its own love back in copy speech,
But counter–love, original response.
And nothing ever came of what he cried
Unless it was the embodiment that crashed
In the cliff's talus on the other side,
And then in the far distant water splashed,
But after a time allowed for it to swim,
Instead of proving human when it neared
And someone else additional to him,
As a great buck it powerfully appeared,
Pushing the crumpled water up ahead,
And landed pouring like a waterfall,
And stumbled through the rocks with horny tread,
And forced the underbrush—and that was all.
robert frost

So is it enough in this life to see a stately Buck cross a lake and crash into the underbrush?
This weekend the Rip and I went camping and fishing.
What a weekend...I am sunburned and sore...we caught a lot of fish, but they were all small....I spent too much time hunkered over a campfire cooking, and can hardly stand up straight.
Saw many Redwing Blackbirds, which are a very pretty bird and quite rare down here.
Fed a baby Rabbit Corn on the Cob and he proceeded to do tricks for us not 5 feet away. I named him Mr. Jingles like the Mouse from "The Green Mile".
It ain't natural for a Rabbit to come up on humans that way.
Between the yearling bass, the Red Wings and the Rabbit, we had a very good time.
They were enough.


Head Duck Wrangler said...

So many ways to take in nature.
You did it all!
Woo-Hoo ........
er, I mean,
Quack, Quack!

GEWELS said...

How nice to spend days with no worries but how many fish you were going to have to throw back.
Those are the moments that make the rest of our world tolerable.
Glad you could spend some great time with Rip.

BTW- you only need 3 pair of shoes to run with this crowd....
Oh and maybe a pair of waders

Akelamalu said...

You may be suffering now but 'so what' if you enjoyed it at the time!
Love the bit about the rabbit - The Green Mile was the best film!

PS I've tagged you, hope you don't mind, see my blog for details. :)

Dave said...

...and skeeters, too. Can't beat that with a stick!

kittykatpaws said...

i've always loved that poem from frost........something about the power of the buck crashing through all of a sudden ........

camping sounds like it was FUN !!!!! boy could i use some fun in my life right now. A great weekend with friend,fish,fowl and skeeters .........i bet you fry up a mean fish!!

kittycatpaws said...

ps please tell miss gewels that if she enabled anonymous commentors on her blog, that cats of a certain ilk might be able to stop by more often....just a thought!

GEWELS said...

kittykat- didn't know I had control over that. I just assumed no a.nony mouses wanted to leave messages.
I'll look into it.

Annelisa said...

Sounds like a diggety weekend! Just the sort to relax and enjoy. Like Kitty says... I could do with that kind of fun right now... maybe we should all join you there... wouldn't that be lovely!

I loved The Green Mile too... and the little mouse was hysterical! What a wonderful film that is... alongside the Shawshank redemption.. they make quite a pair.

Hope you're not feeling the lack of love still, Steve. You know I love to come see you... and when I'm not visiting, it's because there's other things going on in my 'outside' life. I'd certainly miss you loads and loads if you weren't here!! (don't even think it!! )

((((big hugs))))

Mother of Invention said...

It's sometimes just the simplest things that seem remarkable.
Hope you got your limit of fish!
("OH What a feelin'...what a rush!)

(I love Frost!)

Old Lady said...

I have had a few blessings from nature in my lifetime.

steve said...

I've been so bad at responding to comments so here goes;
mr. Duck...there were plenty of Mallards out there and it looked like there were 'Two girls for every boy"

gewels; no worries? The first fish i caught made my lousy knot slip, so i had to worry about my knots for the rest of the time.
Knot worried!

malu- It may take a few days to get to your tag!

dave- The biting flies beat the skeeters this fact, there were no skeeters but got dam those flies!

kitty cat-Yes Ma'am I been known to put a pretteee goood scald on a fish...under the phosphorescent moon, which had its horns this weekend.

Annelisa- sounds like I'm gonna need a bigger tent!

MOM-yeah, the simple things like Bacon and Eggs over a fire, kool-aid and ham sandwich and the Moon with Horns on it rising very late at 4:00a.m.

oLO lady; Yes, i'm sure you are natures own bounty!

Barbara said...

Sounds like a good opportunity for bonding with your son. Love the rabbit story.