Thursday, June 21, 2007


Eclipse as viewed from MIR Space Station, 1999


We all came back from the war
I wish somebody would tell me the score
We raked old poseidon over the coals
Shook his shells, shaved his shoals

Where can a soldier fix himself a drink
Forget the noise, forget the stink
And the opium is running pretty low
'cause when the pain comes back, i don't want to know

Across yonder ocean the natives are fierce
Their ears are filled their teeth are pierced
But it's not their spears that spill your breath
They kill their enemies by loving them to death

We were on some battlefield
I felt something soft go through my shield
I felt something warm enter my guts
I was bleeding bad but there were no cuts

They captured three of us, took us back to their village
After a long long time i could decipher their language
They worshipped baal, they worshipped the sun
They worshipped the son of the evil one

They were more than voracious, they sucked our ambition
They let me go on one condition
That was when i came back to my native shore
I tell you they don't want to play with us anymore

But a part of me will never be free
And the part that's free will never be me
But a thing of love and beauty is in my head
A message from my enemies, and here's what they said

They said that love = hate
And death = fate
An enemy always = an adorer
But priest = aura

And life = time
And time = space
And space = sublime
And human = race

Oh and woman = man
And pot = pan
The fauna ought to equal the flora
But priest = aura

And beginning = the end
The end always = the start
But straight = bent
The mind sometimes = the heart

And you = me
The land = the sea
Richer = poorer
And priest = aura

title cut from 1995 release by the church

I posted another church song a while back...'Dead Man Dreaming"...they are not my favorite band by any means, but it would seem they are interesting enough that I have more of their stuff than anything else, maybe even Dylan!

The music is rather spacey, ethereal, almost hypnotic. And dark; I thought this song paired up with the big dark spot in the Photograph kinda nice. The thought of the hugeness and emptiness of space, so filled with unknowing and possibility, its infinite sameness and variety, is a little spooky.

There is mention in the song of Baal, who among a great many other things could be the Pheonician God of the sun, for your perusal here on the longest day of the year.


Barbara said...

This music would probably be more effective if you were on something. But you're right -- it does go well with the image.

Old Lady said...

I'm going to have to buy a damn space suit now!

Akelamalu said...

Very powerful words those!

GrizzBabe said...

You have such interesting taste in music and you are always broadening my horizons by bringning up bands that I know little about.

GEWELS said...

A rocket explorer named Wright
Once traveled much faster than light.
He sat out one day
In a relative way,
And returned on the previous night.

steve said...

Fippety, flopperty flip,
A mouse on a mobius strip
The strip revolved
And the mouse dissolved
In a paradimensional slip

GEWELS said...

It filled Gallileo with mirth
To watch his two rocks fall to Earth.
He gladly proclaimed,
"Their rates are the same,
And quite independent of girth