Thursday, June 14, 2007


To this day there is a question the X will ask me from time to time., and I don’t even remember the question until I hear it...and to this day I still remember what my lie is in answer to the question...and every time we have that Q&A session, she says “You are good” meaning I am a good liar.
One of these days, when she asks that question, I am going to tell her the truth, if I can still remember what the truth is.

They say the first lie we tell is in the crib and everything is OK, but we know if we cry, someone will come we cry.

The first lie I can remember telling;
I was about 3 years old and Dad had some kind of Construction Project going in the backyard. When no one was lookin’, I cut my finger on a Razor Blade I knew I shiould’nt be playing with. I took Dad on a tour of the entire backyard except for the Construction area to find where I had cut my finger. Finallly, he led me over to where the razor blades were and asked if this was where I had cut my finger. With my best 3 year-old poker face on I said "I don't remember."

The second lie I remember I was 4.
I had knocked over a glass jar in the Garage that had nails in it. It shattered on the floor and dad came out, asking what had happened to the jar of nails. I pointed out the open Garage door and claimed that a little Black boy had run through here and knocked it over. Dad could not resist a bit of a laugh before he spanked my bottom.

The third lie I remember I was 5. It was the worst one.
My older friend Don had taken my little sisters Baby Chick, which she received on Easter morning, and cut its head off on Easter Afternoon. We buried the poor bird in the front yard, which my Dad was in the procees of re-sodding. When it was noticed the Chick was missing that night, I claimed to have no knowledge of its whereabouts. The next morning, Dad discovered the headless body while he was using his rototiller in the front yard. I fessed up, but Don was not around to help absorb the punishment I took for it or to verify it had been his doing.
Dad wore me out that day.
I cried, but not nearly as hard as my sister did when that chick went missing.

I got to be a pretty good liar over the years...someone told me one time that I could tell a white lie with a halo wrapped around it.
I don't lie so much anymore.
These things will happen in time.


GEWELS said...

I better always tell you the truth then.
I'm not a good liar- although I try. LOL

Akelamalu said...

I do tell white lies to save people's feelings mainly - like 'we can't come to your party because we've already made arrangements'. When in fact we haven't. Sorry to whoever I've lied to like this! :(

Barbara said...

Some times a lie is just the right thing to do. Sounds like you have had a lot of practice.

Head Duck Wrangler said...

There are some things that are "nobody's business". This is evidenced by the 5th amendment to the US Consitiution.
Never-the-less, freedom-fighters sometimes fail to extend freedom at critical junctures ....
Some folks say, "The truth is simply an excuse for verbal abuse."
Others say, "Tell the truth. It is a lot easier to keep your stories straight."
To force people to respond; punish them for an undesirable response -That's the same thing as forcing people to lie.
I'm proud of you for surviving so many "Catch 22" situations.
Quack, Quack!

Mother of Invention said...

I can't's just not in me...I'd feel too horrible. When I was a kid of 4 though, I did blame a lot of things on my blankie, Ki-Ki! Like Ki-Ki tried to paint my older sister's room with her pink nail polish! And he also cut all the spiders off my mom's spider plant! Bad Ki-Ki!!

cattycatpaws said... THAT'S what a lie is .........

i just thought i always had an over-active imagination ..........

steve said...

Gewels- I was never as good as I thought i was.
Malu- My white lies were nebver that white.
Barbara-Tell me sweet little lies.
rod- dad used to tell mr the nice thing about the truth was you never had to remember what you said.
kit-kat; i do have an imagination!

Head Duck Wrangler said...

Telling the truth means you don't have to remember what you said????
I guess that means Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon represent the best of truth ..... they never had to remember anything they said.
It's the beauty of forgetting!
Quack, Quack!

Old Lady said...

That's what cause the rift between you and sis!