Thursday, September 13, 2007

Category 1 Hurricane


"Daddy, I love going to School at A&M in Galveston! Yesterday there was a Tropical Storm named Humberto and the waves at the beach were awesome!"
"So last night everyone came to MY apartment and we had a party and Humberto turned into a Hurricane!"
"Of course I went swimming "out there in that hurricane"....DUH!"
"I sooo love it down here!"
"Classes? Oh yeah, I have four classes"
"Yeah, I've been on time...I mean they don't start till 1:00P.M. I can stay up all night!"
"Yeah, I'm making lots of friends...they are all boys!"
'His name is Travis and we went to the Football game on Saturday and it went into Triple Overtime...but guess what?
"WE WON!!!"
"I'm coming home the 28th of October for the weekend"
'Where will I stay? I don't know...has my brother taken my room yet?"
" you Daddy..bye!"


GEWELS said...

I am SOOOOO glad I had boys!!

I was actually thinking about Waterbaby this morning listening to the weather.
It sounds like she's fine.

Barbara said...

You have to remember they say a lot of things just for effect. But I too know that feeling of just sucking in air and then realizing you have to sew your mouth shut before you start mouthing off like a parent.

She actually sounds like she's adjusting to college life quite well. And they are all on Hawaii time.

Water Baby said...

It was fun!! Sorry I haven't been on in a while guys, it's been kinda hecktic with the whole going to college thing, just thought I would check in and see how yall are. I am in the process of making a new post as we speak so in a little while there should be something new up from me!!

GrizzBabe said...

Sounds a lot like my college experience: all night parties, swimming in hurricanes, lots of male friends, dates with hot guys named Travis. Sigh. Those were the days.

Mother of Invention said...

I echo what Grizz said! Sounds pretty normal to me and somehow you get the work done!

GEWELS said...

Hot guys named Travis?
My guy friend named Travis just wants to redecorate my house and try on my clothes. Funny, he's from Texas too....hmm

Water Baby said...

Thanks... I think...

Ya know, a lot of people say that only two things come from Texas, Steers and Queers, so I guess that makes sense...

Old Lady said...

Ah, yes I remember it well!