Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am taking the Water Baby to Pelican Island this afternoon and leaving her there.

She will not have a car, but I will give her a weeks worth of food.

She will have to study her way out.

They had a Hurricane there that killed 6000 people.

Water Baby says "when parents get worried they yell".

I yelled at her last night. I'm not worried about Hurricanes....and I'm sorry I yelled.

I'm worried and shes scared...

I'm hoping she does well...she's really very smart as evidenced by her quote about parents and yelling.

College...the first Semester...could there be anything more exciting?

Why is all the exciting stuff so scary?

She is going to help save the planet, you know.


GEWELS said...

Exciting is scary...otherwise it probably wouldn't be so exciting.

So, you too are saving the planet by her existence. I knew you were here for SOME reason!! lol.

Akelamalu said...

She'll be fine, you're probably more scared about it than she is! I remember that feeling well!

soubriquet said...

Best wishes to both of you.
I like islands.... is there any buried pirate-treasure?

GrizzBabe said...

Breathe Dad! It'll be okay.

Barbara said...

This makes me feel better about yelling last night and this morning.

red dirt girl said...

good luck waterbabe (she's no longer a baby, dad)

and good luck to you, too, dad ... keep yelling. it keeps you young.

kissyface said...

I think that might be your finest post to date. It's succinct, honest, profound, self-aware, funny, extreme, absurd, loving, human... shall I go on?