Thursday, August 30, 2007


Barbara and the Red Scribbly-didly along with "The Vapors" ..have been posting about Truth...sometimes it seems as though the more you talk about the truth the further away it gets...and the faster you try run from it the further you get from yourself.
I know that the less deception and distortion I have in my life, the better things seem to go.
They say that Pilate, with a shrug, asked the Christ "What is Truth" and rolled his eyes and and reached for a towel.

The Brave Ulysses spoke of Language and Creation and Abstraction.It made me think of this:

The Haggadah indicates that the Torah was written "with black fire on white fire" and was the VERY FIRST thing that God made.

With 22 letters of His Holy Alphabet, the Heavens and Earth were formed.
Language is Creation.
Language shapes Experience.
Our words have the Power of the Ancient magical incantation ABRACADABRA,
derived from the Aramaic word meaning "I create as I speak"...

Thats why we love a good story and kind words.

But I'm way out of my field here...I just wanted to say Abracadabra!


Head Duck Wrangler said...

Truth .... hmmmmm.
If people spent more time thinking about ducks, they'd spend less time thinking about other things.
That's the truth!
Quack, Quack!

GrizzBabe said...

Abracadabra means "I create as I speak"? THAT is so cool! You are filled with all sorts of knowledge, Steve.

soubriquet said...

Went to Leningrad, in 1980s, Soviet era, secret police followers dogging my innocent footsteps through a city of great architectural beauty, grim neglect, and paranoia.
Turned down a side street and heard music, a bar, with people dancing, a girl in a red velvet dress sitting in the open window, the dress spilling down like blood across faded posters of Lenin.
The music: "Abracadabra", by the Steve Miller Band. Surreal.
The image? The best photo I never took.

steve said...

Rod, exactly what does a Wrangler do?
Grizz-I think its pretty cool too! If you want to take what you created back you just say:

Thats great Souby...I had a similar experience in Mexico and Ted Nugent's "Free for All"...
I'm hopin maybe you'll post that pic one day...

Mother of Invention said...

And of course you'd be wanting toi say, "A la peanut butter sandwiches!" (Sesame Street was a favourite!)

Barbara said...

Now tell me just how that tidbit on the Hagaddah was lurking in your brain. Is it possible that you are Jewish after all?! :)

And how is it that I haven't been here since you posted this on Thursday. I think I'm getting rather lax in my Blog-reading routine.

So ABRACADABRA to you and please and thank you. You continue to amaze me with the stuff you post!

BTW, Gewels and I had a fabulous lunch getting to know each other in person. We toasted our ice tea glasses to you and wished you could have been there.

steve said...

MOM- Roll up for the Mystery tour!
Barb- I am one third Jewish on me mudders side.

Old Lady said...

Truth-Frogs in yer britches is another way of expressing that once if flatulent. (snork)

Old Lady said...


Old Lady said...


Sheesh give me 3 days off and I get frogs in me brains!(brain fart, get it? Huh?huh?)