Tuesday, August 14, 2007



3a.m. Sunday Morning-
Stopped for gas.
Truck wouldn't start.
No tools, no money, long way home.
Beat the hell out of the truck for an hour.
Hammer, Tire Iron and Muriatic Acid did the trick.
Truck started.
Good thing we got an early start.
Perseid Meteor shower in Full Tilt Boogie. Splendid, but the Native Americans considered Meteors to be Bad Medicine.
I love that bad medicine.
My freind Keith could catch fish from a storm drain, or a parking lot puddle, maybe even from a bale of hay, I do declare.
9a.m. Sunday morning-Sun beating down, no wind, humidity off the charts, no wind, sweating profusely, no air, 96 dgrees in the shade if there were any shade, sun blazin' in cobalt blue sky, not a breath of air, temples pounding, if a bird would fly by we'd have us some shade....
Real Hot...Whoa Yeah... In the Shade.
But there is no shade in the middle of the lake.
We hauled it for the house.


Mother of Invention said...

Yeah?!! Wait till ya see my bass I'm gonna catch on MY trip! be back on the 26th!!

(Many fish bites it ya got good bait..here's a little tip that I....!)

Barbara said...

I'm still waiting to hear about the fish you caught, not about the ones that got away! You did catch something, didn't you?! :)

GrizzBabe said...

Still fishin'?!?

Anonymous said...

don't forget the bait ...

GEWELS said...

Love the shot of the meteor shower. I was one of the lucky ones to watch it.
Out at sea- lying on a lounge chair on the top deck of the ship. The captain had kindly turned off all of the top deck ship lights at midnight so that we could truly see the night sky. Amazing.

I caught 4 salmon on my trip- 3 pinks and a silver. I'm having them smoked and sent home- I'll post a photo soon.

Hope you're having FUN!!

Akelamalu said...

What did you catch???

David said...

Bloody ace. We only get tiddlers on the canal, but catching any fish in the middel of London feels mighty good.